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THE MOST pow­er­ful team owner in Aus­tralian drag rac­ing, Santo Rapis­arda of Rapis­arda Au­tosport In­ter­na­tional, re­cently de­liv­ered an ultimatum to lo­cal tracks Syd­ney Drag­way and Wil­low­bank Race­way de­mand­ing the end of quar­ter-mile Top Fuel rac­ing in Aus­tralia and the im­ple­men­ta­tion of the 1000ft race dis­tance adopted by the NHRA due to safety con­cerns. The Street

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Chris Wallin – Sounds like he’s hav­ing a sook! Nik Young – 1000ft is 320ft short of a real drag race.

Scotty Mac – I hate the thought of the tra­di­tional quar­ter-mile rac­ing go­ing, but they do have a valid point.

Adam Cas­tle – How will 320ft change any­thing at the speed these cars do?

Grant Meier – It’s a quar­ter-mile race; up­grade the track if safety is the is­sue.

Dino Rohrlach – I was in Dar­win a few weeks ago and last year when he ran over 520km/h. Would be a shame for that sort of ac­tion to cease.

Mark Ren­dell – Well, we all know what­ever hap­pens in Amer­ica, Aus­tralia can’t fol­low quick enough, whether it’s right or wrong!

Greg Lar­son – As Santo has ex­plained, the brak­ing area was de­signed to ar­rest a car of 3000hp. This was fine back then, but now they are in the vicin­ity of 9000hp. I think his con­cerns are well jus­ti­fied.

Phil Ker­jean – I hated the idea when they did it in NHRA from the ac­ci­dents/in­ci­dents in 2007 and 2008. But af­ter be­ing there sev­eral

times since the 1000ft era, the spec­ta­cle and events them­selves are bet­ter. Less blow-ups, less in­juries and closer rac­ing.

Ray­mond Krozek – I have been to over 60 Na­tional events and I think the 1000ft track re­ally sucks. If you can’t put a car to­gether to go quar­ter-mile get out of the sport and go stock car rac­ing.

Gre­gory Free­man – I think we’re about the only ones left still rac­ing full quar­ter-mile in Top Fuel. If Rapis­arda pulled out it would be pretty hard to sur­vive it.

Billy Stan­ley – Quar­ter-mile takes big­ger balls and bet­ter cars.

Onequick­puck Mike – If some teams wanna race 1000ft, let them have a few spe­cial meets or spe­cial classes, but don’t tell the en­tire coun­try of drag rac­ers that we’re trim­ming it down to 1000ft be­cause some other id­iots are do­ing the same.

Gee Bear – I’m all for it. There will be less blow-ups, which means more rac­ing for com­peti­tors as they aren’t throw­ing as much cash away with ev­ery hit down the track.

Heath van der Waer­den – Don’t see the prob­lem. Who cares if they stick on the loud pedal for an ex­tra tenth of a sec­ond? It’s not like they aren’t past the spec­ta­tors al­ready. Seems a log­i­cal move con­sid­er­ing how eff­ing fast the ve­hi­cles are in this era.

Dale Smith – Could be worse; he could have pro­posed stupid four-wide drag rac­ing.

David Code – I’m sure ev­ery Top Fuel team will sup­port this. Well done to Santo and the whole Rapis­arda team for do­ing what they be­lieve is the best for the safety of all driv­ers, not just those in their team.

Robert Tufo – It won’t hap­pen.

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