Street Machine - - Lol -

THESE three guys – Bill, Dave and Ed – are out fish­ing, and when they get back to their truck they see it’s sur­rounded by three bears.

“Okay guys, I fig­ure the only way to get to the truck is to re­ally get them mad,” Bill says. “Then they’ll move away from the truck and we can go home. So, Ed, you take the one on the left, the lit­tle cub with the bro­ken leg, and I’ll take the one in the mid­dle, the lit­tle cub with one eye and a hurt paw. Dave, you take the one on the right, the huge mother griz­zly bear with blood-en­crusted claws, the big teeth, and froth around her mouth.”

“Hey, wait a sec!” Dave protests. “I’m sup­posed to get this mon­ster mad, but you guys get the cubs? That’s not fair!”

“Now, now, Dave,” Bill replies. “We all have our bears to cross.” B Grylls, email

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