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BACK in May this year I came into some money and de­cided to buy the car I’ve been chas­ing for nearly 24 years. I found this sweet LC To­rana in Syd­ney, so I trav­elled from Townsville to buy it.

Af­ter purchasing this lit­tle mon­ster, I was on my way to my brother’s house to put a carby kit through the 350 Hol­ley, and as I was get­ting on the M4 at Sil­ver­wa­ter Road, some clown – who I be­lieve was on his phone – didn’t see that I had stopped (it was peak-hour traf­fic). He hit me so hard he pushed me into the car in front, ba­si­cally crush­ing the LC so much the roof buck­led and none of the doors could open. It was a to­tal write-off and I’d only owned it for an hour!

I’m lucky I have a four-door LJ here in Townsville so that the LC can be used for donor parts – well, what’s still us­able any­way. Be­ing a mil­i­tary pen­sioner and un­able to work, I’ve no money to get the panel-beat­ing done, so it looks like I’ll be sav­ing my pen­nies for years to come. Thanks for print­ing this and show­ing my deep sor­row. Rob Stew­ard, email

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