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LAST month on street­ma­chine.com.au we pub­lished a story about how there was a new Guin­ness World Record for the largest si­mul­ta­ne­ous car-tyre burnout. The pre­vi­ous record of 103 skid­ders was set at Street

Ma­chine Summernats in 2015, at ’Nats 28. The new ti­tle-hold­ers are a group from Saudi Ara­bia, who got to­gether 119 tyre­fry­ers to cel­e­brate Saudi Na­tional Day. You can watch the video on our web­site. Surely Aussie burnout en­thu­si­asts aren’t go­ing take that ly­ing down? How do we rem­edy such an af­front to our rep­u­ta­tion? Here’s what you had to say.

Peter Ge­orge – Only 119? That can be eas­ily beaten if ar­ranged in Aus­tralia. I reckon we could get close to 1000 cars to do a burnout all at once.

Bobby Patrick – This won’t last long; we’ve had it, then we broke our own record. Summernats is just ’round the bend any­way – let them have their 15 min­utes of fame!

Chris Wilkens – What about we up the stakes and have 150 cars on the back of trail­ers get­ting towed on the high­way do­ing burnouts? Rowan Gor­don – I reckon Aus­tralia could win it back in a lo­cal Coles or Woolies car park on a wet dole day with all the si­i­i­ick VN skid pigs!

Matthew Cooke – I reckon they needed more an­gles on that; there were a few that weren’t pro­duc­ing smoke so they shouldn’t have been counted. At­ten­dance doesn’t get you awards like ju­nior footy!

Justin Daly – Gotta admit, that looks pretty cool! Cou­ple of points though: Not one high-horse­power old-school street ma­chine to be seen (and many stock-look­ing cars). And look closely at the cars; there’s many in there not even do­ing burnouts. Ei­ther they lost their nerve, had some­thing go wrong or, in my opin­ion, they’ve stacked them with any car to make it look like there’s more cars there tak­ing part than there ac­tu­ally is.

Ed­die TJ Dick­son – Ar­range it prop­erly – have it the same time in ev­ery state, 100 cars a state. I mean we are Aus­tralia af­ter all, that could eas­ily be done with the right peo­ple or­gan­is­ing it. Rob Haslam – I’ve seen LYNCHY pro­duce more smoke than that. An­thony Burns – At least it isn’t the Yanks; they can’t skid.

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