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HI THERE, Street Ma­chine! I’m won­der­ing if you can help me find the last car my dad built be­fore he passed away. It was a candy ap­ple red XY Gt-style ute. Once Dad sold it, the next owner had it fea­tured in Street Ma­chine, we think in the late 80s or very early 90s. Can you guys tell me what is­sue it was in?

Wil­liam Rule, via Face­book

G’DAY Wil­liam, we’ve had a good look through the early is­sues and I reckon we fea­tured at least half-a-dozen tough XY utes back then, in just about ev­ery colour ex­cept red! Your dad’s ute may have been fea­tured in Per­for­mance Street Car or Street & Cus­tom, though. Does it ring a bell with any­one out there in reader land?

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