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“YES, 34psi might sound like a lot of boost; how­ever, the vol­ume be­hind it is just as im­por­tant,” says Frank March­ese of Dandy En­gines. “We have other en­gines mak­ing the same or more power on less boost. It’s just that the larger twin com­bos with dif­fer­ent tur­bos push more vol­ume, which pushes up the power. Also, if your turbo is not very ef­fi­cient, you won’t make power, as you’re just pump­ing hot air and can’t run as much tim­ing.” Think of it this way: Turn on your gar­den tap and a cer­tain amount of wa­ter will spray out. Now, imag­ine the 1.5m-di­am­e­ter main wa­ter feed down the road sud­denly erupted – same pres­sure as the gar­den tap, but mas­sively dif­fer­ent ef­fect. “While we might be run­ning a sin­gle turbo with more boost,” says Frank, “it’s not hurt­ing us, as it’s keep­ing up with the twins – we’re pretty im­pressed by that.”

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