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QUEENS­LAN­DER Shane Elvin has be­come the first per­son to get a Barra-pow­ered street car into the sev­ens af­ter go­ing 7.8@167mph in his Ram­bler Hor­net (be­low).

The car weighs in at 3310lb – it’s all steel and glass – and the Barra en­gine was built by Atomic and is fit­ted with a Pow­er­glide trans and Hal­tech Elite 2500 ECU. The mo­tor is tuned by Justin Simp­son at Horse­power So­lu­tions, and on the seven-sec­ond pass was run­ning 39.8psi of boost from the 82mm Pre­ci­sion turbo, on E85 fuel straight from the pump at United.

“The com­bi­na­tion uses an air-to-air in­ter­cooler, and even with CO2 on the gates it does fall away over the run,” says Justin. “The car has ac­tu­ally run 172mph on a pre­vi­ous pass, and with the boost we are run­ning, the turbo would be out of steam. On the dyno, the car makes 850rwhp, but clearly the trap speed shows more.

“We usu­ally try and turn it up at the track rather than the dyno. We did try it on a smaller tyre but had no luck, so we have gone back to the 275 ra­dial.”


WHILE not for street use, it’s hard to go past some new pieces of Aussie-made speed equip­ment from Queens­land’s Tre­ma­niac Rac­ing – they’re sheer porn! The new FW1 cylin­der heads and Nxtgen in­take man­i­folds for small-block Ford en­gines are the bomb.

Built ex­clu­sively in bil­let, ini­tially for the 460ci small-block Ford in Tim Cross’s Cortina race car (be­low), the heads were de­signed in con­junc­tion with Dandy En­gines us­ing Glid­den-victor heads as a ref­er­ence, as a re­place­ment for Wind­sorstyle heads.

These heads are for race use only, in boosted ap­pli­ca­tions. While mostly solid, some are wa­ter­drilled (not jack­eted), and, while they will take a stock half-inch head stud, they are also avail­able to ac­cept a 9/16in and can be had in six-bolt­per-cylin­der con­fig­u­ra­tion for af­ter­mar­ket blocks. Even with five bolts per cylin­der, they of­fer enor­mous clamp­ing pres­sure.

On a bench, they flow 400cfm at 800thou lift on the in­take, and 285 on the ex­haust at 800thou, with a 295cc in­take vol­ume and 58cc cham­ber.

If you are se­ri­ous about go­ing fast, give Aaron Tre­mayne a holler. RRP is $7500 bare.

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