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Style mag­a­zine sits down and has a chat with lo­cal emerg­ing artist Ki­nah Mckin­non

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What made you get into art?

I have al­ways loved be­ing cre­ative and my Dad and sib­lings have al­ways been quite tal­ented with art, so it was some­thing I picked up by watch­ing them do it.

I found that I re­ally en­joyed it and it was some­thing that I was good at.

Is there a par­tic­u­lar type of medium you pre­fer to work with?

My favourite medium would be soft pas­tels, but I also en­joy us­ing acrylic paints, spray paints and coloured inks.

How long have you been sell­ing your work for?

I have only re­cently started to sell art­works. I had a few re­quests for it by word of mouth so I thought I would try to pur­sue it fur­ther.

I still do art mainly for my own leisure and as gifts for fam­ily and friends.

Do you have a favourite work among your own art­works?

My favourite art­works to do are sketch por­traits of fa­mous peo­ple, as I love fo­cussing on at­ten­tion to de­tail. My favourite sketch is of Mar­lon Brando.

How have you ex­per­i­mented in your art? What were your most suc­cess­ful and most failed ex­per­i­ments?

I have re­cently started to ex­per­i­ment with spray paints and re­ally en­joy play­ing around with all the colours.

I had one oc­ca­sion where I ac­ci­den­tally had the can fac­ing the wrong way and sprayed it on my face — I won't do that one again!

What or who gives you in­spi­ra­tion to be artis­tic?

It is just some­thing I have al­ways loved to do, and I find it very calm­ing and re­lax­ing.

Are your fam­ily and friends sup­port­ive of you as an artist?

My par­ents and fam­ily are very sup­port­ive and en­cour­ag­ing of me. My Dad loves to find me cool ideas to try out.

Where can the gen­eral pub­lic pur­chase your work, and/or con­tact you to re­quest one done?

I have now made a Face­book page (face­ kin­sart­works) and also have some pieces avail­able for pur­chase at the Grand Cen­tral newsagency.

New artist Ki­nah Mckin­non shares how she came to be an artist and now sells her work


EMERG­ING ARTIST: Ki­nah Mckin­non has re­cently started sell­ing her art­work af­ter keeping it just a hobby for years.

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