Cen­tral Jewellers Toowoomba de­lights with the most beau­ti­ful cuts of di­a­monds

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When you start look­ing at the dif­fer­ent shapes of di­a­monds then se­lect­ing a di­a­mond gets re­ally ex­cit­ing. But where to start? Ul­ti­mately it’s about per­sonal taste, how­ever there are some fac­tors worth keep­ing in mind…

Round bril­liant. It’s be­lieved 75% of all di­a­monds sold are round bril­liants which re­flect the most light of all cuts thus an ex­tra bright ef­fect. Clas­sic and time­less. Princess cut di­a­monds are the se­cond most pop­u­lar di­a­mond shape. Square in shape they are best set with prongs to pro­tect its del­i­cate cor­ners. Oval were cre­ated in the 1960s and pro­vide an il­lu­sion of greater size thanks to their elon­gated shape which helps to lengthen the fin­ger. Cush­ion cut di­a­monds are a pop­u­lar choice for their sump­tu­ous­ness. It’s been

around for 200 years and with its beau­ti­ful his­tory, is the go-to for many celebri­ties.

Pear shaped di­a­monds are a blend of round bril­liant and mar­quise. The di­a­mond should be worn with the pointed end di­rected at its wearer. Pears have an el­e­gant and slim­ming ef­fect on the wearer’s fin­ger. Mar­quise de­rives its name from the Mar­quise of Pom­padour. It is be­lieved that King Louis XIV of France had a stone cut to re­sem­ble her per­fectly shaped mouth. These di­a­monds are long and nar­row. Heart worn by Lady Gaga, is a unique choice and is of course, the sym­bol of love. Emer­ald cut di­a­monds are the epit­ome of el­e­gance. They give a “hall of mir­rors”

ef­fect for drama and grace. Ini­tially de­signed for emer­alds and look best on slim and pe­tite hands. Radiant cut di­a­monds are a bright and lively square di­a­mond with a cropped cor­ner shape.

Tril­liant some­times called a tril­lion, this tri­an­gu­lar shape may have curved or un­curved sides. Of­fers a dy­namic look ei­ther as a soli­taire or as ac­cent stones.

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