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Dur­ing the win­ter months hair needs ex­tra at­ten­tion to at­tain a healthy ap­pear­ance and with­out proper care, it can look limp and dull.

These three hair care point­ers will show you how to eas­ily main­tain hair qual­ity.


In win­ter, you need to change your hair wash­ing rou­tine.

Less washes pre­vents hair dry­ing out and avoid­ing hot wa­ter al­lows it to re­tain nat­u­ral oils.

Fo­cus on the ends as they’re the old­est and most dam­aged part of the hair.

Fin­ish your wash with cold wa­ter to trap mois­ture.


Dur­ing win­ter you should be deep con­di­tion­ing at least once a week.

En­sure your hair is clean be­fore you start or it won’t be as ef­fec­tive.

Us­ing deep con­di­tion­ers that con­tain olive, av­o­cado and co­conut oils are rec­om­mended for en­hanced re­sults.

Warmth also shows im­prove­ment, so cover hair with a shower cap or some­thing sim­i­lar then ap­ply heat.

The best amount of time to leave a deep con­di­tioner is 30 min­utes or more.

To fin­ish, rinse your hair with cold wa­ter to seal the mois­ture.


Dry­ing your hair in win­ter is cru­cial. You may not know this but you should never leave the house with wet hair in win­ter, be­cause of the dam­age it does.

Putting your hair up while it’s damp is also a mis­take, as it causes split ends, dan­druff and break­age.

Squeez­ing wa­ter from hair gen­tly then us­ing a cool blow dryer is the best so­lu­tion.

Do not rub with a towel, as this causes fric­tion dam­age, and keep warm blow-dry­ers to a 15 cen­time­tre dis­tance.

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