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El­iz­a­beth Tay­lor once fa­mously said “big girls need big di­a­monds” and she wasn’t kid­ding.

El­iz­a­beth was mar­ried eight times – twice to Richard Bur­ton who gave her the Tay­lor-bur­ton – a whop­ping 69.42 carat pear shaped di­a­mond worth an es­ti­mated $8.8mil­lion USD.

The original rough was found in 1966 in the Pre­mier Mine in South Africa and was weighted at 240.80 carats.

After Bur­ton’s death in 1979, Liz Tay­lor sold the stone and re­port­edly re­ceived $2.8mil­lion which she do­nated in his me­mory to a hos­pi­tal in Bi­afra.

The Hope Di­a­mond, also known as Le Bleu de France, is one of the world’s most leg­endary and recog­nis­able gems.

Deep blue in colour, it weighs in at a whop­ping 45.52 carats.

Formed ap­prox­i­mately 1.1 bil­lion years ago, the Hope Di­a­mond is no­to­ri­ous for its sup­posed curse.

The di­a­mond was pur­port­edly stolen from the eye of a sculpted statue of the god­dess Sita in In­dia and has been bring­ing mis­for­tune to those who have owned or worn it since.

Add to this a var­ied history – which in­cludes being owned by King Louis XIV, stolen dur­ing the French Revo­lu­tion, sold to raise money for char­ity and then fi­nally do­nated to the Smith­so­nian In­sti­tu­tion - the Hope Di­a­mond is truly unique.

The Cul­li­nan Di­a­mond, at 3,106.75 carats (about 635grams and over 10cm in length), is the largest rough gem-qual­ity di­a­mond ever dis­cov­ered.

The Cul­li­nan was found by miner Thomas Evan Pow­ell in 1905 in a South African mine owned by Sir Thomas Cul­li­nan.

The mas­sive di­a­mond was bought by the South African gov­ern­ment and pre­sented to the Bri­tish King Ed­ward VII on his birth­day two years later.

The Cul­li­nan has since been cut into nine smaller stones, with the big­gest of them known as the Great Star of Africa.

A sec­ond part of the Cul­li­nan was fash­ioned into the cush­ion shaped di­a­mond in the cen­tre-front of the Im­pe­rial State Crown of Great Bri­tain.

For her third mar­riage to rap­per Kanye West, Kim Kar­dashian ac­cepted a more than 15 carat di­a­mond ring.

The ring is ru­moured to be worth any­where from $1.25 mil­lion USD to as much as $8 mil­lion USD.

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