How to Beauty Brush 101

There are so many brushes out there and be­lieve it or not they all serve a pur­pose!

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The cor­rect brushes are the trick to flaw­less makeup ap­pli­ca­tion, reach­ing the nooks that sponges, or fin­ger ap­pli­ca­tion can't, with fan­tas­tic re­sults that add depth to eyes, def­i­ni­tion to lips, high­light cheek­bones and im­prove the ap­pear­ance of foun­da­tion on the face. An added bonus is that us­ing brushes keeps your hands clear of sticky and dusty makeup, while giv­ing you more power to put the prod­uct ex­actly where you want it! It’s no se­cret that Mod­els Pre­fer is a favourite brand of brush - they're af­ford­able and the range is re­ally com­pre­hen­sive, but there are plenty of brush brands in Price­line so have a play in store and find the right one for you. There are so many ben­e­fits to get­ting your­self a nice size brush set. It will make ap­ply­ing your makeup so much eas­ier, more fun, less messy and your hard work will last for much longer dur­ing the day.

Here are some tips on which brush does what; Foun­da­tion Brush

I like to use this brush to ap­ply my liq­uid foun­da­tion. Place a small dab of foun­da­tion on your fore­head, nose, cheeks and chin, then us­ing the brush blend into the skin, work­ing out­wards from the mid­dle. Dou­ble check you have no jaw­line mark and a smooth fin­ish around the nose.

Con­cealer Brush

The best way to ap­ply your con­cealer is with a brush, over the top of your foun­da­tion, as you can get into the hard to reach ar­eas and give a smooth re­sult. Re­mem­ber that once you have ap­plied the prod­uct just pat it onto the skin, don’t wipe as it will just come straight off.

Small Pow­der Brush

I like to use this brush for two dif­fer­ent tasks; ap­ply­ing some min­eral pow­der over the top of the liq­uid foun­da­tion to set my base and give skin a youth­ful glow (be sure to ap­ply some on your eye­lids to set base there too) and also to ap­ply blush over the ap­ples of the cheeks.

Small Shadow Brush

Load the dark­est colour onto the tip of the brush and ap­ply all un­der the eye from cor­ner to cor­ner. This brush will al­low the shadow to go on evenly and will have a blended fin­ish. Re­mem­ber to hold a piece of tis­sue un­der your eye to catch any prod­uct that could fall onto your face.

An­gled Blush Brush

Great for ap­ply­ing bronzer to bring out the cheek bones and around the tem­ple. This brush can also be used as a large eye­shadow brush for just dust­ing a light colour over the eyes, for ap­ply­ing fin­ish­ing pow­der or loose or pressed face power

Lip Brush

A great square shaped brush to ap­ply lip­stick evenly and smoothly. When wear­ing a bold, strong shade, make sure to line lips first with a li­pline in a sim­i­lar colour for a su­per pro look that will pre­vent any lip colour bleed­ing out­side of the li­pline dur­ing the day.

An­gled Brush

A fab­u­lous brush to ap­ply a strong, straight line un­der the eye or to ap­ply eye­shadow through your brow to thicken or lengthen. Also a great eye­liner brush be­cause it’s not flimsy so will hold well when ap­ply­ing along the lash line.

Eye­brow Brush

This is the brush to groom your brows. Brush straight up ap­ply the colour into the brow then brush gen­tly across. The other side is for you lashes af­ter you have ap­plied the mas­cara - comb through the lashes to take away ex­cess prod­uct and to pre­vent clumps.

Crease Brush

It’s im­pos­si­ble not to love the shape of a good crease brush and it’s a great tool to give def­i­ni­tion and add depth to your eyes! Start with a base colour all over the eye­lid. Then us­ing the crease brush, take the dark­est eye­shadow colour and ap­ply to the outer area of the eye, then lightly blend into the crease area.

Smudge Brush

You'll love this brush as it makes it so easy to ap­ply colour to the ex­act spot you need it. We like to load the brush with a light colour like a gold or sil­ver and ap­ply on the in­ner cor­ner of the eye. Also known as the "J-LO ef­fect" this tech­nique will give the il­lu­sion of more space, brighter eyes.

High­lighter Brush

The great all rounder! This brush does every­thing from pow­der to ap­ply­ing blush, bronzer and high­lighter with pre­ci­sion. Use the brush to ap­ply high­lighter atop your cheek­bones (just along the bone that sits un­der the soft skin un­der the eyes), sit­ting where the light will catch. Then con­cen­trate softly on the fore­head and chin, and to the sides of the nose.

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