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The adage of new ver­sus old is be­com­ing more preva­lent ev­ery day in the lo­cal food scene.

Ev­ery day, there seems to be a new cafe, bak­ery or restau­rant open­ing.

This in­flux of new busi­ness is forc­ing the old or ‘es­tab­lished’ busi­nesses to find new and ex­cit­ing ways to stay at the fore­front of the din­ing pub­lic’s mind.

Now, I hear a lot of peo­ple ques­tion­ing why we need so many places here in Toowoomba.

To those peo­ple, I say we should be ex­cited.

This ac­tiv­ity is great be­cause com­pe­ti­tion will force the ex­ist­ing busi­nesses to up their ‘game’.

No longer can rep­u­ta­tion be enough to guar­an­tee pa­tron­age.

The ‘old’ busi­nesses need to look at what they are of­fer­ing and how they of­fer that prod­uct.

There does not need to be whole­sale changes, but evo­lu­tion needs to oc­cur.

Whether that is the ser­vice, the decor, or the menu, change is a good thing as it shows that the busi­ness un­der­stands what made it suc­cess­ful and what it needs to do to re­main suc­cess­ful.

To the ‘new’ busi­nesses, they can’t be com­pla­cent and just as­sume that the pa­tron­age will come.

The need to at­tract and re­tain busi­ness is harder, as they will usu­ally get one to two chances to make that favourable im­pres­sion.

If they don’t, their chance to be suc­cess­ful is re­duced.

So, let’s get out and sup­port our lo­cal busi­nesses be­cause small busi­nesses are the driv­ers of our lo­cal com­mu­ni­ties.

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