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Re­lease date: Out now

Genre: Drama

Cast: Kodi Smit-mcphee, Jo­hannes Haukur Jo­han­nes­son, Spencer Bo­gaert, Natas­sia Malthe, Leonor Varela.

At its heart, Al­pha is a com­ing-of-age story set in the harsh world of the last Ice Age.

How­ever, it also tells a beau­ti­ful ori­gin tale of how dogs be­came man’s best friend.

Young Keda (Smit-mcphee) is the son of a tribal chief about 20,000 years ago in Europe.

Sep­a­rated and wounded dur­ing a hunt­ing party, Keda needs to make it back home to his tribe be­fore winter starts but is in­ter­rupted by a pack of wolves who think he’ll make an easy meal.

For­tu­nately, Keda is able to wound one of the wolves and then waits for the rest to run off. How­ever, he doesn’t kill the wounded wolf and in­stead the pair slowly be­come friends.

This marks the be­gin­ning of an epic ad­ven­ture, at times fraught with dan­ger, of hu­man-ca­nine friend­ship and sur­vival.

Al­pha is rated PG for mild sur­vival themes and sense of peril.

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