I’ve re­cently chalked up three years since I moved with my young fam­ily from our home of over 15 years in Bris­bane, to the rel­a­tive calm of Toowoomba.

In that time I have met some re­ally en­cour­ag­ing peo­ple and found my­self hooked on not only one, but three sports rolled to­gether – triathlons.

I fin­ished my first Olympic dis­tance ‘tri’ in a bit over two and a half hours – while this is in no means fast, it was im­mensely sat­is­fy­ing (given I would have been happy just to com­plete it with­out los­ing break­fast).

Dur­ing those long solo training rides I kept think­ing about the par­al­lels of my own ex­pe­ri­ence of start­ing out in triathlon and other as­pects of my work, and what my clients go through in those dif­fi­cult fam­ily law mat­ters.

These are im­por­tant lessons for all of us.

Things in life change. Some­times you ini­ti­ate it and some­times it seems to hap­pen on its own, whether you in­tended it to or not.

Just be­cause some­thing has pre­vi­ously left you feel­ing great, does not mean it will al­ways stay that way.

While time can help you de­cide, there is no point to be­ing in a sea kayak if you are not near the sea. When you have a new chal­lenge ahead of you, spend a bit of ex­tra money on the pro­fes­sion­als that are rec­om­mended to you and fol­low their ad­vice. They may not be the cheap­est, but if you want an ef­fi­cient out­come their ex­per­tise can help you use your en­ergy more ef­fi­ciently and get you a far bet­ter re­sult than by go­ing it alone.

Their words come from ex­pe­ri­ence and will help you the most when you are strug­gling.

When you are do­ing some­thing big, new, and un­fa­mil­iar, even the best prepa­ra­tion and guid­ance won’t be enough to truly pre­pare you for the re­al­ity of do­ing it your­self. Do your best to know what to ex­pect, safe in the knowl­edge it won’t be enough.

When the in­ten­sity hits, roll with it and push through the ini­tial shock so when things set­tle you can get into your rhythm and main­tain it un­til the end. You want to stop but you don’t

need to stop. At times dur­ing the process you will doubt your­self and what your pro­fes­sional guides have told you along the way.

When it hurts and you want to give up, fo­cus on those calm words and know you have met chal­lenges be­fore.

Even that sin­gle next step that keeps you mov­ing for­ward is get­ting you closer to where you want to go – and you will get there.

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