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Jul 24 - Aug 23 Your but­tons are be­ing pushed when it comes to sex and money. Per­haps you want more of one or both of them. Or maybe less? And you can have what you want as soon as you re­mind your­self that you’re to­tally worth it. This should be a con­tem­pla­tive time of the year for you – re­flect on how fab­u­lous you are and good things will fol­low. Call 1900 ZO­DIAC (1900 963 422) to hear what else the stars have planned for you this week.

Aug 24 - Sep 23 Work out who the peo­ple you love and ac­tu­ally want in your life are, and who needs to go. Any­one who drags you down shouldn’t be a con­tender. You’re the most as­sertive you’ve been in two years, so make the most of your new-found abil­ity to let oth­ers know what you want, in ev­ery part of your life. Make some de­ci­sions and take some ac­tion. Want to know more about what you can ex­pect this week? Call 1900 ZO­DIAC (1900 963 422).

Sep 24 - Oct 23 At work, you need to fo­cus. What­ever per­sonal or pro­fes­sional project you have go­ing, speak up now and talk to the right peo­ple to get things mov­ing. At home, the times are a-chang­ing. Some Li­brans will say good­bye for­ever to that per­son who was never re­ally yours. Some of you are about to have some fun in­jected back into your love life. Call 1900 ZO­DIAC (1900 963 422) to hear about the good news that’s in your stars this week.

Oct 24 - Nov 22 You’re still in re­cov­ery mode af­ter the mad­ness of the past few months and no-one can blame you. You’ve been like a lit­tle boat tossed on stormy seas for too long. How­ever, dry your­self off be­cause things are chang­ing. Your daily life is about to be­come far more in­ter­est­ing and even ex­cit­ing, dis­tract­ing you from the past at last. Find out what else the cos­mos has up its sleeve for you in the com­ing week. Call 1900 ZO­DIAC (1900 963 422).

Nov 23 - Dec 21 Money might not be your favourite sub­ject, but here’s a thought: if you al­ways do what you’ve al­ways done re­gard­ing cash, you’re al­ways go­ing to get what you’ve al­ways got. You need to talk about money now – be it to your boss, a debtor or your part­ner. Home and fam­ily are chang­ing now (po­ten­tially in a great way) and that’s go­ing to cost. Get more in­sight into what’s go­ing on in your chart. Call 1900 ZO­DIAC (1900 963 422).

Dec 22 - Jan 20 Cer­tain mem­bers of your fam­ily (or peo­ple you live with) have been act­ing strangely lately and there’s not a lot you can do about it. The more you try to con­trol them, the worse the sit­u­a­tion is go­ing to get. To come through this pe­riod un­scathed, just do this: think about your­self and write down your strengths and your fail­ings. Call 1900 ZO­DIAC (1900 963 422) to hear how to take ad­van­tage of your cur­rent stars.

Apr 21 - May 21 Some peo­ple in your life have turned out to be so much more beloved to you than you ever ex­pected. These are the ones to value, not those who are here one day and un­avail­able the next. The key to all your re­la­tion­ships now is to keep talk­ing. As long as you keep the lines of com­mu­ni­ca­tion open, there’s rea­son to be op­ti­mistic. Call 1900 ZO­DIAC (1900 963 422) to hear more de­tails about how the stars are shin­ing for you.

May 22 - Jun 22 It’s time to have a proper think about what you re­ally value, and about how hard you’re will­ing to work to get what you want. For some, it’s go­ing to be more the case that what you re­ally want is some­thing money can’t buy. Don’t let fears about work or sus­pi­cions about your col­leagues throw you off. Cre­ate your own re­al­ity. Call 1900 ZO­DIAC (1900 963 422) for more in­for­ma­tion about how the week looks set to pan out for you.

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