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Pre­vent mould grow­ing by open­ing win­dows ev­ery day, us­ing ex­trac­tor fans and re­pair­ing leaky taps, holes in roofs or cracked tiles and win­dows that may al­low ex­cess wa­ter in.

Scrub down black mould with a cop­per fungi­cide, found at gar­den cen­tres, and use paints that con­tain mould in­hibitors in bath­rooms and kitchens.

Wasp, bat and bird nests can be prime spots for mould for­ma­tion in roofs and spores drift down into bed­rooms. Re­move all nests; con­tact en­vi­ron­men­tal agen­cies for help.

Clean with plant-based rather than syn­thetic prod­ucts.

In­tro­duce indoor plants to help fil­ter home air im­pu­ri­ties.

Re­search ma­te­ri­als and home prod­ucts to make sure you’re buy­ing low-VOC prod­ucts.

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