Can you do 50 reps of these five ex­er­cises?

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Why? Power is a vi­tal el­e­ment of ath­letic move­ment. This ex­er­cise takes a squat to the next level and gives a great car­dio burst. Just en­sure you con­cen­trate through­out. How? Stand 30cm back from a small step or plat­form. Per­form a par­tial squat, then jump, driv­ing your arms up, land­ing on top of the plat­form. Your land­ing should be soft and con­trolled. Step off and go again. Start with a low plat­form that you are cer­tain you can mas­ter, then look to in­crease the height when you feel ready.

Ire­cently came across a workout that got the trainer in me ex­cited and the ex­er­ciser in me scared. It’s called the Filthy Fifty workout and in­volves 10 ex­er­cises, of which you

1 Box jumps

do 50 reps each. You must fin­ish all 50 reps of each ex­er­cise be­fore mov­ing on to the next as quickly as you can, with good tech­nique. Here is a scaled-down ver­sion. Give it a go! Why? A nor­mal lunge is great for strength­en­ing and ton­ing your butt and legs. A walk­ing lunge is even bet­ter. How? Start by vi­su­al­is­ing you’re stand­ing on train tracks. Put one foot on each “track”, your toes point­ing for­ward, shoul­der-width apart. Stride a me­tre for­ward with your right leg, keep­ing the width be­tween your legs. Slowly drop your left knee, un­til it al­most touches the ground. Keep your right knee be­hind the line of your right toes and your back per­fectly straight. Push off and bring your feet to­gether again. Re­peat with the other leg. Con­tinue, al­ter­nat­ing legs, for 25 reps on each leg.

2 Walk­ing lunges 3 Hang knee to el­bows

Why? Sit-ups are ben­e­fi­cial for only so long. Even­tu­ally you need to ramp it up. This is an abs chal­lenge worth con­quer­ing. How? Grip an over­head hor­i­zon­tal bar with your hands fairly close to­gether, your palms fac­ing be­hind you and your el­bows fac­ing for­ward. Then take your feet off the ground and draw your knees up un­til they touch your el­bows (or as close as you can get). Crunch and squeeze through your abs to achieve this. Lower your legs to ver­ti­cal, then re­peat. Do as many con­sec­u­tive reps as you can be­fore putting your feet back on the ground.

4 Push presses

Why? These are a great mix­ture of strength, power and co­or­di­na­tion. How? Stand­ing, hold a bar­bell in front of your shoul­ders, palms and el­bows for­ward, feet shoul­der-width apart and en­gage your core. Per­form a small dip or squat (a bend of the knees), keep­ing your back per­fectly up­right. At the bot­tom, drive the bar up and over your head (pic­tured). Your face should move for­ward of your arms. Lock your arms out. This should feel like a strong, sta­ble po­si­tion. With con­trol, lower the weight back to your chest and drive it up again. The ap­prox­i­mate weight for women is a 12kg bar, with no plates.

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