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123A per­sonal trainer is worth his or her weight in gold. Not only has Dave been my fit­ness and food sci­ence guru, he’s also be­come a friend. Plus, he’s taught me every­thing I know (well, every­thing that fol­lows, at least). Walk­ing is a great way to burn fat. Walk­ing is an ex­cel­lent low-im­pact ac­tiv­ity, es­pe­cially if you are new to ex­er­cise. Walk­ing on an empty stom­ach in the morn­ing, or when you have low car­bo­hy­drate lev­els in the evening, means the body is forced to source more en­ergy from fat stores. Pro­tein is a build­ing block of nu­tri­tion. The pro­tein we eat helps the body re­pair mus­cles af­ter ex­er­cise. High-pro­tein foods slow the move­ment of food from the stom­ach to the in­tes­tine, which means we feel fuller for longer.

45Water is the source of all good­ness. Drink­ing plenty of water helps our liver and kid­neys func­tion ef­fi­ciently – and it makes your skin glow! I drink at least two litres a day, plus ex­tra when do­ing ex­er­cise. Dave’s ad­vice is to drink one litre be­fore ex­er­cise, plus one litre for ev­ery kilo­gram lost dur­ing a workout. Not eat­ing is cheat­ing your­self. Starv­ing your­self of food may cause an ini­tial weight loss – but

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