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Los­ing those last few ki­los

sounds like it should be easy. It’s not, though: work, chil­dren and life get in the way and, sud­denly, it’s six months later and that muf­fin

top is still jig­gling away. Even if you fit in ex­er­cise, the weight may not come off. Never fear: we’ve got 10 rea­sons why that might be the case, and easy tweaks to fix it, on page 8. So

long, muf­fin top. Also in­side, you’ll find ad­vice on which sup­ple­ments to take for which body part (page 4). With the choles­terol drugs statins called into ques­tion re­cently,

we have nat­u­ral ways to lower your choles­terol (page 12) and, as the tem­per­a­ture drops and the heat­ing goes up, dis­cover sim­ple ways

to stop skin be­com­ing in­flamed (page 14). There’s also a work­out you can do any­where (page 18) so, if that work/chil­dren/life is­sue rears its head, you’ve got an­other tool to keep that muf­fin top from over­cook­ing.

Have a bril­liant week.

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