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July 12, 2020 columnist “I’m a one-hit wonder, but Dundee was a mighty hit” I Paul Hogan A certain Aussie icon features in a thoughtful guest column on this very page today – Paul Hogan. Although he always sought to avoid malice in his comedy, the 80-year-old reveals he views some work differentl­y with the benefit of hindsight. “A lot of my stuff, I see it now and it does look sexist,” he admits. It’s a sentiment echoed in cover interview with Julia Gillard, who opens up about how much has changed since she became Australia’s first female prime minister a decade ago. never wanted to be a movie star. I was a comedy writer. If I’d been a 30-year-old budding actor, I would have been upset about being typecast. But at 47, it didn’t matter – so I didn’t care if I became stuck with Mick Dundee for the rest of my career. As I say, I’m a one-hit wonder. But he was a mighty hit. I don’t get recognised as Mick Dundee much now, but then I don’t walk around in the outfit. But the longevity of Dundee has been amazing. You know the tourism ad they did with Chris Hemsworth and various people? As research, they asked people in 10 countries if they knew any famous Australian­s. In eight of the countries, the most famous Aussie was Mick Dundee. Do you know where Paul Hogan was on that list? He wasn’t. I was thrilled. I’m low-key. I’m a bit of a hermit by nature, so lockdown hasn’t been too bad for me. Being bored is better than being sick. I stay in LA for my kid, Chance, but I am very homesick. I would give an arm to move back to Australia, but I’m stuck here for the rest of the year, by the sounds of things. Being brought up Australian made me a lot more accepting of the world. That’s what people who hang around with me say, anyway. I take everything in my stride. Which is what happens in my new movie, It’s got laid-back Aussie humour and is all about my horrible downfall, so I couldn’t resist doing it. There’s a lesson, too – and the lesson at this particular time is to just go with the flow. There’s no good getting upset or angry about stuff you’ve got no control over. Dean Murphy, the director, told me he read in the paper I’m outraged about political correctnes­s. I thought, “Well, that’s weird, I don’t remember being outraged about anything!” I just don’t worry about stuff. There’s no point. Throughout my career, I’ve always tried to do comedy without malice. You don’t want to go into a room and make 90 people laugh and make five burst into tears. A lot of my stuff, I see it now and it does look sexist. As I’ve pointed out, I did use beautiful women but the joke was to show what complete melons men make of themselves trying to impress them. So yeah, that’s sexist. And I’ve apologised to the men for portraying them so poorly. I think we’ve lost the interpreta­tion of what an Aussie larrikin is. At some point it seems to have become a negative label. Larrikins are just out for a bit of cheeky fun, you know? Mick Dundee, on the other hand, was more of your ordinary man. And he’s nowhere near as attractive as the quintessen­tial Aussie man of today, like your Chris Hemsworths and Hugh Jackmans. To be honest, if I were in charge I wouldn’t use Chris – who I know, by the way – in the tourism ads, because blokes aren’t gonna want to come for a holiday to Australia if everywhere they look on the beach they see Chris Hemsworth. No-one wants to stand next to in their cozzies. “In eight of 10 countries, the most famous Aussie is Mick Dundee. Do you know where Paul Hogan is on the list? He isn’t” Stellar’s Sarrah Le Marquand 06 Q&A Public relations Advice column Cover story Wellness Beauty Rebecca Maddern 06 07 08 10 Ricki-Lee Coulter Mid-winter health How to get TV-ad-worthy locks The best and worst food trends of 2020 12 14 Nutrition ON SUNDAY 16 18 One Tin Bakes Matt Preston The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee. him The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee is premiering on Amazon Prime Video in Australia on Friday. 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