What do you reckon is the most-loved travel prod­uct? Four­wheeled lug­gage? Noise-can­celling head­phones? An iPad? All would be high on the list, but these high-priced items pale into in­signif­i­cance com­pared with the most hum­ble of in­ven­tions that costs mere cents to buy – the ubiq­ui­tous Zi­ploc bag, aka sand­wich bags, re­seal­able bags, zip bags or re­seal­able sand­wich zip bags if you want to cover all bases.

Of all the travel tips read­ers sub­mit to Es­cape, Zi­ploc bags seem to be the gift that keeps on giv­ing. From keep­ing your liq­uids from leak­ing all over your be­long­ings to mak­ing the most of your pack­ing space, there ap­pears to be no end of cre­ative ways to use these see-through pouches of in­ge­nu­ity.

One reader ap­pre­ci­ates the bags for vis­i­bil­ity: “When I trav­elled to Africa I took a va­ri­ety of clear Zi­ploc bags to store dirty shoes, wet clothes, toiletries and pills such as vi­ta­mins, headache, malaria etc. I take the pills out of their box/bot­tle and slip the strips into the bags so you can still see what each item is.”

An­other uses them for clothes: socks in one, sin­glets in an­other, shorts and tees in large ones, and so on. He then com­presses the air out as you zip and a vac­uum ef­fect results in space­sav­ing pack­ing. Then there’s a clever idea for the germ-hat­ing trav­eller: Al­ways put the ho­tel TV re­mote and air­con­di­tioner re­mote each in a sep­a­rate Zi­ploc bag to pre­vent the spread­ing of germs. This en­ables use of the re­mote but with­out touch­ing any nasty germs.

Please keep the pack­ing tips coming.

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