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Swe­den is mov­ing to­wards be­ing cash­less. On a re­cent visit our ho­tel clearly de­clared it­self cash­less, the air­port trans­fer bus was card only and even the nearby pizza shop wouldn’t ac­cept cash. So if you are head­ing that way, be pre­pared. RAY PIT­MAN


When trav­el­ling Europe in sum­mer I al­ways take zi­plock bags full of Ep­som salts. Just enough to soak my feet in at the end of the day. It re­ally helps with aching feet and swelling an­kles. SU­SAN MAFFEI


On long-haul flights I book a win­dow seat so that other pas­sen­gers don’t have to crawl over me to get out.

I have also been wo­ken in an aisle seat from peo­ple knock­ing me while walk­ing down the aisle.

The win­dow seat has a lit­tle ex­tra room be­tween the wall and the arm­rest. If you fill the space with a pil­low or folded jacket it makes things more com­fort­able. ARMIDA POLI


I read with in­ter­est the “keep it sim­ple” tip for China that warned of limited ATMs and cards not be­ing ac­cepted. I have a very close fam­ily friend who lives in Chengdu, so I sent her the ar­ti­cle and her re­ply puts a dif­fer­ent slant on this ad­vice.

“In a city like Chengdu, local cit­i­zens like me don’t carry much cash any­more. We use credit cards, we chat pay or Ali­pay (the lat­ter two be­ing the most com­mon). Mastercard or Visa is wel­come al­most ev­ery­where. ATMs can be found quite eas­ily in town. If you come to Chengdu you will be sur­prised by how much it has de­vel­oped. In large shop­ping malls west­ern toi­lets are adopted and toi­let pa­per is pro­vided. Of course you have to bring your own toi­let pa­per in some pub­lic toi­lets.” JOHN COOPER


The lakes district in south­ern Chile of­fered a chance to visit an ac­tive vol­cano in Pu­con. How would we get to the base? An Uber of course! So we jumped in and em­barked on the crazy up­hill ad­ven­ture, nar­rowly avoid­ing washed-away ter­rain while tak­ing in mind-blow­ing views on the way to the grassy base of this awe-in­spir­ing, snow-capped nat­u­ral beauty. Was it worth it? If mem­o­ries last to our dy­ing days, this one will. YAS­MIN RAY­MEN


In Paris I stay on the Île Saint-Louis. On my last visit I rented an apart­ment over­look­ing the Seine. The Île Sain­tLouis has most ev­ery­thing you would need to en­joy your stay. Cafes, small neigh­bour­hood su­per­mar­kets, bak­eries to die for, restau­rants tucked away in lit­tle cor­ners and down base­ment steps, sou­venir shops and the fa­mous Berthillon ice-cream par­lour (do not miss this ex­pe­ri­ence).

Most of all it’s the re­lax­ing at­mos­phere. Af­ter a full day of sight­see­ing in or around Paris take the time to re­lax and un­wind. In the late af­ter­noon or early evening grab a fresh bak­ery roll fresh cheese, a bot­tle of your favourite wine and head to the park be­side Notre- Dame Cathe­dral. DENISE TOON

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