Sunday Herald Sun - Stellar - - Carrie Bickmore - BY MEG MA­SON

1. That queue in the park is no longer for a turn on the swings. It’s to use one of the most suc­cess­ful apps in history. 2. It’s be­come more pop­u­lar than Tin­der, sug­gest­ing adults would rather catch imaginary crea­tures than… each other. 3. Bey­oncé con­certs, the Auschwitz Me­mo­rial and de­liv­ery rooms in hos­pi­tal: all places where devo­tees have in­ter­rupted pro­ceed­ings to at­tend to ur­gent Poké­mon Go busi­ness. Yorker4. A New cartoon cap­tured the zeit­geist by de­pict­ing an es­tate agent telling a cou­ple in­spect­ing a run-down apart­ment:“I small know and it’s ex­pen­sive, but wait till you see all the Poké­mon.” 5. In­tenseIn­ten focus on net­tingnet a rare Gyara­dosG can ca cause teenager­srun past evento Justin Bieber and not re­alise. 6. “Poké­mon Go trainer” is a job now. Yep, for just $25 an hour a mil­len­nial will play for you.

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