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on the unique ben­e­fits of be­ing an or­di­nary dad.

Man, I am tired. Let’s face it, I’m tired ev­ery day at the mo­ment. This is the feel­ing you get when you have more than one child. This is the fa­tigue only a par­ent of mul­ti­ples can un­der­stand. You feel blessed but, well… or­di­nary.

In my parental fog I have had a rev­e­la­tion. Feel­ing or­di­nary is the point. It’s the goal of fa­ther­hood. We should cel­e­brate it. All of us. Get up off the couch (watch your backs), open a win­dow and shout: “I feel pretty av­er­age right now… and it’s the best feel­ing ever!” OK, it’s not a catchy ral­ly­ing cry, but it is uni­ver­sal.

You see, my In­sta­gram is full of won­der­ful, idyl­lic pho­tos of my fam­ily. My beau­ti­ful cheru­bic chil­dren. Smil­ing. Beam­ing. Laugh­ing. Adorable. I have, of course, like any good par­ent, edited this choice down from 20 to 30 pho­tos I have snapped, then fil­tered and posted.

But my day-to-day life is more or­di­nary than my so­cial me­dia gives me credit for. I want to cel­e­brate that. This is the fan­fare for the com­mon dad.

This Fa­ther’s Day, I want to cel­e­brate the top five or­di­nary things we dads are rock­ing at. The things that make our kids hap­pier than any­thing else. 5. The hu­man jun­gle gym. It doesn’t take much to start this. The kids are milling around the lounge or a park and all you have to do is lie down. It’s like a hom­ing sig­nal kicks in. Some­thing pri­mal. They turn from what­ever they are do­ing and get a gleam in their eyes. They know this is their chance to climb, punch, slobber and show you who’s re­ally boss for a won­der­ful few min­utes. (To get out of this we also need to be world-class wrestlers.) 4. Bath time. If you are a new dad, this is im­por­tant. It’s your bond­ing time from birth, but it’s also like a mini Wet ’n’ Wild as they get older. There are lots of laughs and very few tears. It’s a rel­a­tively safe zone, but you have to watch out for floaters. When they oc­cur you need to act fast. Don’t be afraid to use your hands. (Sorry if you are eat­ing.) 3. Fri­day night take­away. Tra­di­tion­ally, this is al­ways our do­main. The one time we can say, “It’s burger night!” or, “Who wants pizza?” and see the hearts in their eyes like lit­tle emo­jis. Ba­si­cally, we are big­ger than Bieber on this night. Bonus points to those who work out the best de­liv­ery ser­vice, so you don’t have to pile mul­ti­ple kids into the car on a Fri­day night. 2. Fash­ion po­lice. I love dress­ing my kids. I’m not at the Adam-san­dler-fromBig-daddy- let­ting-my-kid-dress-like-asu­per­hero-in-a-blender point yet, but we all try to put our own spin on fash­ion. Or we just don’t care. Does this clash? Don’t know. Socks and san­dals are OK, right? (I did this, In­sta­grammed it with pride, and was nearly trolled for it. Bru­tal.) You will get bet­ter. Or not. What do you care, so long as it gets done and they are wear­ing some clothes, right? 1. (This is most im­por­tant.) Daddy squeezes. Grand­par­ents or mums think they do the best squeezes. They are wrong. Don’t tell them. We know when the arms go out and the words “Dada” are bel­lowed as they run to you, they only want the best. I know this will end one day. Some­times they squeeze a quiet tear out of me with­out know­ing. But we never let them see, do we?

Happy Fa­ther’s Day. David co-hosts To­day Ex­tra, 9am, week­days, on the Nine Net­work.

“Fri­day take­away… Ba­si­cally, us dads are big­ger than Bieber on these nights”

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