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SCORPIO (Oc­to­ber 24–Novem­ber 22)

In Ja­pan, peo­ple bow when they meet. In Eng­land, they shake hands. Rit­ual ges­tures of wel­come dif­fer all around the world. This can cause dis­com­fort and con­fu­sion. If some­one doesn’t un­der­stand the stan­dard lo­cal greet­ing, they can feel alien­ated. Bear­ing this in mind, let’s look at your cur­rent com­mu­ni­ca­tion prob­lem. You’re on course to fi­nally dis­cover the right words to make head­way with the right sit­u­a­tion. In­spir­ing times await you in Novem­ber. Call your new fore­cast: 1900 957 223.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23–Dec 21)

By the end of Novem­ber we’ll be in Sagit­tar­ian birth­day ter­ri­tory, bring­ing a re­newed fo­cus on how far you’ve come, and where you’re go­ing. The glim­mer shim­mer­ing in your di­rec­tion tells the story of a grand idea be­ing made to work, and of en­ergy and en­thu­si­asm be­ing put into a pas­sion­ate cause, bring­ing re­ward­ing change. You can look for­ward to liv­ing this tale. Be ready for the magic on of­fer this month. Call 1900 957 223.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22–Jan 20)

What right do you have to be happy when oth­ers suf­fer? While we must not for­get the plight of in­no­cent vic­tims and do what we can to help, it’s im­por­tant that we en­joy some lev­ity and com­fort. There may be rea­sons why you feel you shouldn’t smile too much now, but as Mars leaves your sign, and Venus en­ters it, it’s im­por­tant to be kind to your­self. Novem­ber brings a rare cos­mic op­por­tu­nity for change. Call 1900 957 223.

AQUARIUS ( Jan 21–Feb 19)

You might want to cut down on the caf­feine. The cos­mos is giv­ing you a shot in the arm. It’s a boost of en­ergy that will get your blood pump­ing and your heart pound­ing. Yet, with all this vim and vigour, it’s im­por­tant not to lose fo­cus. If you ap­ply this tonic to the right ar­eas, you’ll find that life’s mal­adies will soon be­gin to clear up. Don’t miss your in­spir­ing in-depth fore­cast for Novem­ber. Call 1900 957 223.

PISCES (Feb 20–Mar 20)

Some peo­ple aren’t al­ways what they seem. They put on dif­fer­ent faces, de­pend­ing on what they think peo­ple want from them. Oth­ers man­i­fest an air of un­ap­proach­a­bil­ity, even when they’re willing to be amenable. Both are ges­tures of self-pro­tec­tion. As Nep­tune turns di­rect, there’s a need to un­der­stand

what lies be­hind the fa­cade. This in­sight will be more prof­itable than you can imag­ine. Your in-depth fore­cast for Novem­ber is ready. Call 1900 957 223.

ARIES (Mar 21–Apr 20)

There’s a strong pos­si­bil­ity, over the com­ing weeks, that some­thing is go­ing to rock your boat. This doesn’t mean you should reach for a life­jacket. You’re a stead­ier ship than you re­alise. But we all can be af­fected by the mo­tion of the ocean, par­tic­u­larly if we’re de­ter­mined to hold course re­gard­less. You can eas­ily adapt to the con­di­tions and use a strong wind to your ad­van­tage. Novem­ber has many op­por­tu­ni­ties. Call 1900 957 223.

TAURUS (Apr 21–May 21)

Be­fore we had dig­i­tal time-keep­ing de­vices, clocks ticked and tocked, and we’d lis­ten to the sound of mo­ments pass­ing. You’ve been mulling over sig­nif­i­cant is­sues. How much time must tick away be­fore you reach a de­ci­sion? Venus’s re­la­tion­ship with Uranus, and its move into Capricorn, asks you to take all the time you need to step to­wards change. Your Novem­ber fore­cast has in­spir­ing news. Call 1900 957 223.

GEMINI (May 22–Jun 22)

Cre­ativ­ity un­bound is artis­tic nir­vana. It’s the free­dom to do what­ever flits into your mind, and pur­sue all that your heart imag­ines. But, of­ten, it re­sults in di­rec­tion­less floun­der­ing that hin­ders rather than helps. In Novem­ber, you’ll be more of a free­thinker. Yet it will be when you fo­cus your thoughts that you’ll hit upon the so­lu­tion you have long sought. Your in-depth Novem­ber fore­cast can re­ally help. Call 1900 957 223.

CAN­CER ( Jun 23–Jul 23)

End­ings are closely re­lated to be­gin­nings. If we lis­ten care­fully to an over­ture, we usu­ally gain an in­sight into the na­ture of the fi­nale. But here’s a ques­tion: are you truly see­ing the be­gin­ning of the end of some­thing? Or are you ob­serv­ing the end of the be­gin­ning? The Su­per­moon sug­gests a mo­ment of com­ple­tion. But, be­fore you look too much fur­ther for­ward, stop, and look a lit­tle fur­ther back. Novem­ber is a pow­er­ful month for you. Find out more. Call 1900 957 223.

LEO ( Jul 24–Aug 23)

You have a flair for drama. It’s part of what makes you ex­cit­ing to be around. But at times it can make you too “doom­laden”, or the re­verse can also be true. Be wary of read­ing too much into the tri­umph of the month ahead. You can achieve some­thing im­por­tant you’ve been work­ing on. Be ex­cited, but don’t ex­pect your life to change overnight. In Novem­ber, the power of the plan­ets can change your life. Call 1900 957 223.

VIRGO (Aug 24–Sep 23)

Some­times, when we dis­ap­prove of peo­ple, we say, “Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile.” Yet the abil­ity to make a lot out of a lit­tle should be en­cour­aged. Hope­ful de­vel­op­ments now be­gin to change your per­spec­tive. If you’ve been feel­ing hemmed in, you’ll see light at the end of the tun­nel. Yet you may be rooted to the spot, as if you don’t quite be­lieve what’s hap­pen­ing. This is no mirage. Novem­ber brings po­ten­tial for change. Call 1900 957 223.

LIBRA (Sep 24–Oct 23)

Isn’t this the mo­ment to shake things up? Haven’t you bided your time long enough? There’s a sense things are shift­ing in your di­rec­tion. Un­ex­pected con­ver­sa­tions will stir your heart and be­gin a pow­er­ful tran­si­tion in your soul. This may not ar­rive like a thun­der­bolt, but it can wash away a mis­con­cep­tion that’s been hold­ing you back. Don’t be afraid to dip into the cur­rent that flows your way. Make Novem­ber spe­cial. Call 1900 957 223.

1. Know your body and if there is any­thing wrong, get it checked. Al­ways trust your gut.

2. Stay fo­cused. Look at each in­di­vid­ual hur­dle, not the en­tire race.

3. Come out swing­ing. When you’re backed into a cor­ner, fight­ing is the only op­tion – es­pe­cially if it’s for your life and your fam­ily.

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