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SCOR­PIO (Oc­to­ber 24–Novem­ber 22)

The song “Lady Franklin’s Lament” tells of a voy­age taken by Lady Franklin’s hus­band, Lord John, who dis­ap­peared dur­ing an ex­pe­di­tion through the Arc­tic Ocean in 1845. It also re­counts the sub­se­quent ex­pe­di­tions, spon­sored by Lady Franklin, to search for her hus­band. Re­cently, his ship was found. Per­haps the spirit of Lady Franklin is fi­nally at peace. This week, you can make a dis­cov­ery that will lay ghosts to rest, and em­power you to con­cen­trate on your fu­ture. Light up your life. Call 1900 957 223.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23–Dec 21)

As Venus trines Uranus, it brings a mo­ment when you can im­ple­ment much-ap­pre­ci­ated change. Venus is pass­ing through the same as­tral “real es­tate” the sun oc­cu­pied when you were born, and she’s be­stow­ing you with charis­matic qual­i­ties. The world should be full of folk fall­ing at your feet. Per­haps it ac­tu­ally is, so be care­ful where you tread! If you need in­spi­ra­tion, this is your week. Call 1900 957 223.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22–Jan 20)

One of the win­ners of this year’s Ig No­bel Prize (a parody of the real thing) was a man who cre­ated “goat-like” pros­thetic limb ex­ten­sions and used them to in­te­grate with alpine goats. It’s a use­ful metaphor for you this week, as sit­u­a­tions en­cour­age you to har­monise with your sur­round­ings. Stay true to your de­sires – you’re not quite ready to trans­form into a new species. There’s ex­cite­ment in the stars for you. Call 1900 957 223.

AQUARIUS ( Jan 21–Feb 19)

You can’t start some­thing new un­til you end some­thing old. But tried-and-tested for­mu­las are hard to drop, even if they’ve been found want­ing. They might not be pop­u­lar, but it feels vaguely re­as­sur­ing to know what you’re do­ing, even if what you’re do­ing isn’t quite right. As Mars en­ters your sign, a tra­di­tion can be fol­lowed no more. Don’t fear this; be glad. You can al­ter what you want and make it work for you. Call 1900 957 223.

PISCES (Feb 20–Mar 20)

If you have an itch on your left side, you can re­lieve it by look­ing in the mir­ror and scratch­ing on your right. It may not sound like use­ful in­for­ma­tion, but this tech­nique can help peo­ple who have lost a limb and have phan­tom itches they can’t phys­i­cally sat­isfy. Not all il­lu­sions are dan­ger­ous. And not all mi­rages lead

us on wild goose chases. This week, if you think cre­atively, there’s an easy fix to a com­pli­cated prob­lem. You can work magic in your world. Call 1900 957 223.

ARIES (Mar 21–Apr 20)

They say, “There’s no gain with­out pain.” So, is the op­po­site true? Is there no pain with­out gain? Some kinds of pain are im­pos­si­ble to en­dure and of­fer no ben­e­fit. As with phys­i­cal pain, so too with emo­tional angst. If some­thing doesn’t feel good, try to learn its les­son. And if you’re un­able to find it, Mars mov­ing signs brings the op­por­tu­nity to change it. There are in­sights in store for you. Call 1900 957 223.

TAURUS (Apr 21–May 21)

At first glance, when you see the stat­ues on Easter Is­land, you might won­der why it’s only the heads that sit atop the land­scape. But closer in­spec­tion soon re­veals these are ac­tu­ally full-body stat­ues. It’s just that their lower halves have been buried over time under the soil. You have the tools to un­der­stand your sit­u­a­tion. You just need to ex­ca­vate in the right place. This week can bring the suc­cess you de­serve. Call 1900 957 223.

GEMINI (May 22–Jun 22)

Some­times we feel as if any­thing could hap­pen at any time. Life seems full of ex­cit­ing po­ten­tial. At oth­ers it’s as if ev­ery­thing we try to do doesn’t work. All we see are obstacles. What time is this? It’s a bit of both. Some­thing must change – and it can only re­ally change in one par­tic­u­lar way. That’s the difficulty you’re up against. But this chal­lenge is part of a great op­por­tu­nity. Find in­spi­ra­tion. Call 1900 957 223.

CAN­CER ( Jun 23–Jul 23)

Some­one’s been push­ing your but­tons for a while now. We all have peo­ple in our lives who, de­spite be­ing a peren­nial source of ir­ri­ta­tion, we can’t bear to be rid of. Our ties to them run so deep that they tran­scend the triv­i­al­ity of ev­ery­day dis­agree­ments. This week, you’ll be re­minded why you put up with what you put up with. Be pa­tient, be kind and be com­pas­sion­ate. You’ll soon see why it’s worth it. Find in­spi­ra­tion to make the changes you need. Call 1900 957 223.

LEO ( Jul 24–Aug 23)

Hind­sight is 20/20. We can all look back and see how some­thing hap­pened and what it led to. Fore­sight’s dif­fer­ent. We think we know what we’re head­ing to­wards, yet we’re of­ten sur­prised by how the re­al­ity dif­fers from the the­ory. When will you know what your re­cent strug­gles have been in aid of? Soon. Then you can put your in­sight to good use. There’s great news if you’re look­ing for in­spi­ra­tion. Call 1900 957 223.

VIRGO (Aug 24–Sep 23)

My tod­dler is ob­sessed with Lego. It’s a pas­sion I en­cour­age – a way in which we bond through a shared ac­tiv­ity. Yet we play to­gether in dif­fer­ent ways. He acts out con­ver­sa­tions be­tween the fig­urines; I en­joy fol­low­ing the in­struc­tions and cre­at­ing com­pli­cated con­trap­tions. You’re be­ing en­cour­aged to be more play­ful. Play to your strengths. It’s when you’re feel­ing com­fort­able that you’re most cre­ative. Call if you’re look­ing to make pos­i­tive changes: 1900 957 223.

LIBRA (Sep 24–Oct 23)

The fu­ture starts here. But then, that’s when it was al­ways go­ing to be­gin. There’s no need to feel in­tim­i­dated. When­ever we think about the fu­ture, we imag­ine it as some­thing that’s a long way off. Yet it’s hap­pen­ing now. As Venus changes signs, you’ll start to see as­pects of your re­cent past in a very dif­fer­ent and much more en­cour­ag­ing light. So much more will seem pos­si­ble then. In­sights are avail­able to you. Call 1900 957 223.

1. Never doubt for a minute that your voice counts.

2. In the smallest of ac­tions, we come to a solution. The source of our problems is tril­lions of small thought­less ac­tions.

3. Don’t wait for fund­ing. Don’t wait for ap­proval. Just do it.

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