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Sunday Herald Sun - Stellar - - Joe Hildebrand - In­ter­view by AL­LEY PASCOE The lat­est Au­guste col­lec­tion, Straw­berry Moon, is out now; au­gusteth­e­la­

It’s been a year since you breast­fed son Zion on a mag­a­zine cover. Did the im­age nor­malise breast­feed­ing in pub­lic? Ab­so­lutely. I woke up the next morn­ing af­ter it launched to com­ments on my In­sta­gram say­ing, “This is such an im­por­tant thing for women and cul­ture.” For me, the most im­pact­ful thing came from home be­cause Gary [Clark Jr, her mu­si­cian hus­band] used to feel un­com­fort­able when I would breast­feed at a restau­rant, even if I had a blan­ket. When he saw the im­pact it made, he re­alised how im­por­tant it was to nor­malise it. We hear Zion in the back­ground – will he be­come a model, too? Ab­so­lutely not. He’s go­ing to be a basketball player or a drummer. He’s a child prodigy; he can al­ready play gui­tar and shoot basketball hoops. Who loves Gary more – you or Barack Obama? [Laughs] It’s funny, when you meet the pres­i­dent [at the White House], you have to stand in a line. Gary is very hum­ble and con­ser­va­tive, so we were at the back of the line watch­ing Obama and Michelle greet every­one. When we got to him, he put his arms out and said, “My man! I’ve been wait­ing for you all night.” Then he said, “And who is this?” and twirled me around. So I have a photo of Obama twirling me. They don’t let you share im­ages – you can’t have your phone – so that makes it more spe­cial. I think maybe Obama loves him more! Aside from meet­ing pres­i­dents, what’s the big­gest perk of be­ing mar­ried to a rock star? When Ebony [Ea­gles, of fash­ion brand Au­guste, of which Trun­fio is the face] was look­ing for mu­sic for the Au­guste cam­paign, she wanted to use one of Gary’s songs. So in­stead of go­ing through li­cens­ing, we just asked Gary if we could use it. You’ve mod­elled for Chanel, Gucci and Ver­sace. How does By­ron Bay’s Au­guste com­pare? It is amaz­ing to see a la­bel from By­ron Bay be­come such a huge brand all over the world. Work­ing with Ebony and feel­ing the qual­ity and com­fort of the clothes, I un­der­stood why her brand is so big. The cam­paign was shot in Ne­vada. How do you keep cool in 40 de­grees? I grew up in the bush in West­ern Aus­tralia, where it’s 40 de­grees most days. I get booked for jobs where you have to wear fur in New York in sum­mer be­cause I don’t sweat, ap­par­ently [laughs]. You share photos of Zion on In­sta­gram. But what do you keep pri­vate? My In­sta­gram is very ca­reer-ori­ented; it’s not very per­sonal at all. I do post photos of Zion, be­cause how could you not?

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