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Re­cently I was read­ing a list of things a man should ap­par­ently avoid wear­ing be­yond a cer­tain age. I won’t re­veal the age in ques­tion, but let’s just say I’m it – and then some.

Base­ball caps and skinny jeans were on the con­demned list (I’m guilty on both counts), but guys, fear not – it’s all about de­gree. Base­ball caps are fine for us seniors as long as we don’t wear them back to front. Ditto skinny jeans. Just avoid the bal­let-tights va­ri­ety.

But it made me think about the endless judge­ments we in­flict on our­selves, and our ob­ses­sion with be­ing on-trend and ap­pro­pri­ate. At this time of year we’re in­un­dated with those “styles-to-say-good­bye-to” and “trends-to-say-hello-to” lists, but do you know what? It’s all non­sense. Don’t ever farewell any­thing in your home that you love sim­ply be­cause a list tells you to, and by the same token, don’t open your door to any strange trends un­less you re­ally trust them.

I’m an evan­ge­list for the non-trend, for the real, the be­spoke, the orig­i­nal, the one-off. The pieces you see at the bot­tom of this page are not there be­cause they’re on-trend, but be­cause I like them and want to share them with you.

An­other list I read said it was time to say good­bye to but­ler’s pantries be­cause they’re im­prac­ti­cal. What the? Weren’t they de rigueur just a mo­ment ago? And don’t go think­ing you can con­vert your BP to a Euro­pean-style laun­dry, be­cause they’re out, too. What’s a Euro­peanstyle laun­dry any­way, per fa­vore? Where I grew up, our wash­ing ma­chine was in the kitchen and Mum dried ev­ery­thing on an out­door clothes­line. Mind you, then as now, Eng­land wasn’t in Europe.

So ig­nore the naysay­ers telling you it’s time to ditch your poured con­crete floors (be­cause now it’s all about ter­razzo), your white kitchens (“Go black,” they yell), Moroccan rugs (cliché), sub­way tiles, fid­dle-leaf figs, rose-gold taps, batik cush­ions and ev­ery­thing else deemed passé.

And I’m telling you now that the colour you will be see­ing ev­ery­where in 2017 is a deep, veg­e­tal shade we once called army green. In these more PC times it’s been re­birthed as “kale”. It’s a fan­tas­tic and ver­sa­tile shade that I per­son­ally love, but if it’s not for you then walk on by. This year’s blues or last year’s greys will be just fine. Be­lieve me – I’m the old guy in the skinny jeans.

Vogue Liv­ing.

COLOUR CRUSH Neale Whi­taker loves it, but con­cedes next year’s It shade of “kale” won’t be every­one’s cup of (green) tea.

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