Sunday Herald Sun - Stellar - - Joe Hildebrand - with CHAR­LIE PICKERING

You’re a comic, TV and ra­dio host, au­thor and jour­nal­ist. Isn’t it a bit rude to hog all the tal­ents? No­body said I did any of those things well. I keep it fair by show­ing no sport­ing prow­ess what­so­ever. Name an­other thing you’re rub­bish at. Re­turn­ing peo­ple’s texts. I could get a group text from Obama, Bono, Oprah and God, and I’d for­get to re­ply. Two years later, I’d re­mem­ber and text them say­ing, “You still up for that fon­due party?” Host­ing The

Weekly must be de­mand­ing, in terms of suit ro­ta­tion and tie-choosery. It has been in the past, but this year I’m con­sid­er­ing fol­low­ing Karl Ste­fanovic’s lead and hav­ing only one suit. Any guest left you starstruck? When I met Alan Alda, I had to stop my­self from yelling at him, “YOU’RE ALAN ALDA!” The Weekly with Char­lie Pickering airs 8pm Wed­nes­days on the ABC.

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