DAVID CAMP­BELL thinks it’s time to hit pause on mod­ern tech­nol­ogy.

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“– and get back to real We need to switch off, re­boot life”

barely have time to be on so­cial me­dia. Don’t tell Mark Zucker­berg”

Look, I don’t have a lot of time. None of us do. With work, all the school stuff with the kids, in­clud­ing all their af­ter-school ac­tiv­i­ties and week­end birth­day par­ties and lack of sleep, we only have gaps of the day where we can live.

I am talk­ing lk­ing about a crack in time. When the kids are asleep or at school, the e phone is not ring­ing, there are no work emails.

This is your time. Time to fill in the gaps. We de­serve it. Be­ing pulled in all di­rec­tions by tiny hu­mans umans and a de­mand­ing ing job. It’s not fair, is it? As Shan­non Noll said, “Let me back into the Crazy Horse…” No wait, he said, “What about me?”

This is why I love mod­ern liv­ing. Pop cul­ture and tech­nol­ogy have per­fectly com­bined at just the right mo­ment in his­tory to dis­tract us and fill our head­sads full of use­less facts, which make us so ex­cit­ing at work and help us ap­pear ut­terly bril­liant in the eyes of f our part­ner by show­ing them how much we are evolv­ing as a hu­man.

Ex­cept I hit a cri­sis re­cently. You see, I RE­ALLY don’t have time. I filled it all up. I crammed my gaps with so many shiny, new, cul­tur­ally sig­nif­i­cant things that I am full. Au­gus­tus Gloop in the tube full. The cri­sis came, as they al­ways do, in the mid­dle of the night. I re­alised I had loaded my Netfl Net­flix list with too many TV se­ries and doco do­cos. My stream­ing has been blocked by my greed – my need to sit in the gap of life and fi­nally watch all of The Good Wife from the be­gin­ning. My IQ box is also chock-a-block. A whole se­ries of The Walk­ing Dead sits there star­ing dead eyed at me ev­ery time I sit on the couch. I have 29 pod­casts lined up ready to lis­ten to. Twenty-nine. Dif­fer­ent. Se­ries. Some are weekly but a lot are daily, and I am weeks be­hind. This is the def­i­ni­tion of op­ti­mism. There are two books on th the go, Chess For Dum­mies an and a gi­ant tome about Frank Sina Si­na­tra. I don’t even want to tell you how many au­dio books are lined up on my com­puter. I have sub­scribed to so many news sites in a bid to be more “in the know”, that I am ba­si­cally only reading head­lines in the morn­ing, get­ting the gist and mov­ing on to the next web­site. I barely have a sec­ond of time to be on so­cial me­dia. Don Don’t tell Mark Zucker­berg, he’ he’ll be dev­as­tated.

It has got­ten so bad, I down­loaded an app to learn how to med­i­tate, in the vain at­tempt to clear some room IN MY HEAD!

This is where I am at now. Where we have all come to, in our quest to keep up with ev­ery sin­gle burp of pop­u­lar cul­ture, so we can ap­pear cool and in touch. So when Buz­zfeed makes a list about which char­ac­ter from The Big Bang The­ory I am*, I am well-in­formed.

In­stead, we are just fill­ing our­selves to the brim with data we don’t need, when what we need is peace. Time to recharge. So when we play with our kids we are pre­sent. So we are the best hus­bands ever, nur­tur­ing and aware of our part­ner’s needs. We need to switch off. The sys­tems are over­loaded and we need to re­boot and get back to real life. Not live vi­car­i­ously through other peo­ple’s lives. Then we can hap­pily live in the gaps and make the most out of our days.

On the other hand, if I stay up re­ally late tonight, I reckon I can make a proper dent in The Good Wife.

*Dr Leonard Hof­s­tadter, ob­vi­ously. David co-hosts To­day Ex­tra, 9am week­days, on the Nine Net­work.

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