Win­ter means snug­gling up in cosy interiors, says Neale Whi­taker.

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Yes, I know it feels pretty damn cold around now. In fact, as you read this, I’m prob­a­bly do­ing star jumps on a Mel­bourne build­ing site (it’s a The Block Sun­day) with an icy, wet wind whistling through the gyprock. But as an ex-pat Pom, I can tell you that win­ter is something we do rather well by north­ern European stan­dards. Barely no­tice­able in some parts, no­tice­ably bear­able in oth­ers, but a chal­lenge nev­er­the­less for those style-your-home­for-win­ter ar­ti­cles that abound at this time of year. To be hon­est, I thought the last thing the world needs is an­other list of to-die-for throws and cov­etable can­dles – rug­ging up in Jin­dalee is very dif­fer­ent to snug­gling down in, say, Jind­abyne – so in­stead I’ll tell you why I love an Aussie win­ter and why it should be en­joyed, not just en­dured.

First up it’s a time to sleep with­out plug­ging in the odour­less mozzie zap­per, or flick­ing on the air-con or Dyson, and with­out one leg hang­ing out the bed, which is a pe­cu­liar warmweather quirk of mine. It’s a time to ditch the Kiwi pinot gris for a fine Aussie shi­raz or (my weak­ness) an Ar­gen­tinian mal­bec; to pack the dogs in the car and head south to a beach that is never more beau­ti­ful than now; to throw a log on the wood-burn­ing stove and be wo­ken by dawn’s first kook­aburra; to watch the fire pit crackle on an in­ner-city deck; to not feel guilty about an ex­tra Sun­day morn­ing hour in bed or an evening curled on the sofa. To close the cur­tains, light the can­dles and just be. It’s win­ter and it will be gone as swiftly as it ar­rived.

But just in case Christ­mas feels like com­ing early, I do have a wish list that I pre­pared ear­lier. Let’s call it my win­ter edit. In no or­der of pref­er­ence, there is any can­dle from the Mad et Len col­lec­tion (fal­; a pair of felt Ma­habis (an oxy­moron, I know, but they’re the coolest slip­pers – ma­habis. com); and Sheri­dan’s glam­orously retro flan­nelette bed­ding (sheri­ My cush­ion of choice is One An­other’s Mid Mod, each one in­di­vid­u­ally signed (onean­ and my book is It’s Beau­ti­ful Here, Me­gan Mor­ton’s lat­est col­lec­tion of soul­ful homes (hardiegrant And while I’m not usu­ally a throw man, even I have to sur­ren­der to Hay’s Crin­kle throw ( au) or any­thing from Aus­tralian brand St Al­bans (stal­ How’s July look­ing, Santa?

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