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“Ladies and gen­tle­men, al­low me to in­tro­duce the Stuff-it List”

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pours the bucket on ex­treme goals with his Stuff-it List.

It was see­ing Tom Cruise jump out of a plane in an­other ex­treme stunt to sell a film that brought me to a mas­sive re­al­i­sa­tion. on.

To per­form this ridicu­lous feat, Tommy had to o make at least five jumps a day to get to more than 100 jumps, mps, so he could make Mis­sion n Im­pos­si­ble: Part 157, the block­buster uster to end all block­busters.

I thought, “Wow, w, five jumps a day. I have never even done one skydive.” dive.” Im­me­di­ately my mind then went to, “Yeah… nah, h, brah.”

There was a sense se of re­lief to this. I mean, I am m old now. I have three kids who, ho, when they are on a crazy tirade, make me want to leap eap from a mov­ing ob­ject ect at 25,000 feet, but I just st ain’t gonna.

Don’t you feel that hat we are con­stantly be­ing be­rated by peo­ple lec­tur­ing ec­tur­ing us to live our best lives, s, by mak­ing a bucket list to tick k off these seem­ingly im­pos­si­ble ible tasks? It has to in­clude ex­treme eme things so you can say you’ve sucked from the mar­row of life. I think it’s time we ad­mit­ted to our­selves that this is a ter­ri­ble idea, ea, one that just sets us up for more dis­ap­point­ment. So I am start­ing a counter-rev­o­lu­tion. ounter-rev­o­lu­tion. Ladies and gen­tle­men, al­low me to in­tro­duce the Stuff-it List. Think about it. How good does it feel to let things go? To say to your­self, “It’s all right, you are not Tom Cruise. You don’t need to run dow down the tallest building in Dubai to d die happy.” Let me add some m more to get the ball rolling… Univer­sit Univer­sity. Never go­ing to hap­pen, peo­ple. I never wanted it. I ac­tu­ally hated study­ing study­ing. The thought of go­ing back to feel­ing in­fe­rior in a class­room, just to s say at the end “I did it” and throw a squar square hat in the air, means zero to me. I am u une­d­u­cated and L LOVE it. OK OK. This is so much fu fun. Start your own anti anti-bucket list. You may want to call it someth some­thing else. It could rh rhyme with bucket. It’s up to you. How about this one I found on an in­ter­net bucket list: go zorb­ing. This ac ac­tiv­ity is on many blog­ger lists. You re­mem­ber rem this? It’s when you get in­side a gi­gant gi­gan­tic plas­tic ball and get pushed down a hill. Does this sound fu­tile and ridicu­lous? Stuff it! I mean, my kids will have to get ther­apy be­cause I can’t spin them around more than once with­out turn­ing green. If I zorbed (is that what you call it?) I would roll about two me­tres along be­fore get­ting trapped in a plas­tic ball of all my ex­pelled break­fast spin­ning around my head… and you re­ally don’t want to see that on In­sta­gram.

Look, I am not try­ing to pooh-pooh life. And in many ways, I’m a high­achiev­ing kind of guy. I just think there is some­thing free­ing in say­ing, “You know what? I don’t reckon my life will be bet­ter if I learn to code, or ice swim, or build a Dutch­tub in my back­yard.”

I am look­ing to spend what­ever free time I have left drink­ing cof­fee, or nap­ping, or chas­ing my kids.

As for any­thing other than those things?

Stuff it. David co-hosts To­day Ex­tra, 9am week­days, on the Nine Net­work.

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