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TV CROSSWORD MOVIE 14 24-across 1-across NOWHERE TO HIDE Menacing: Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots play a couple trapped in a house in the independen­t sci-fi thriller Vivarium. ACROSS DOWN 1 7 1 Bikie saga (4,2,7) Stephen Fry played a solicitor in this Movie about hurricane chasers Star of (––––– Savalas) TV spinoff from action movie franchise (–––––– Sarah Jessica Parker played Carrie Bradshaw in this (––– Famous as the show about nothing Legal comedy (––––– Sitcom about the Winslow family (–––––– Played Mr Big in 14-across (Chris ––––) 2 3 Court) 8 10 12 Kojak Matters) JESSE EISENBERG’S NEW MOVIE ABOUT A COUPLE TRAPPED IN A HOUSE SEEMS EERILY PRESCIENT, WRITES course the fear is that this kid is going to turn into a horrible parasite and ruin your life. Or you buy at house and it’s the one you wanted in the neighbourh­ood you wanted and your friends live nearby – but now you’re mired in debt.” The fact that is being released straight to video on demand at a time when audiences are largely housebound also adds an added layer of relevance. “The fact that the movie is coming out now during a pandemic is interestin­g because if people are watching it now, it’s going to be filtered through their own frustratio­ns and feelings of being isolated and stuck with the same people in a house that’s rapidly losing value and the monotony of day-today life and not being able to do anything other than stay at home,” he says. As for what’s next for Eisenberg, a third chapter was recently announced in the hit franchise, in which he plays “a brash, arrogant magician”. He doesn’t know much about it yet – “they tell me last – my friend sent me an article about my career” – but he’s keen to revive the character. “My background is in theatre where you do 200 performanc­es of the same show and never get bored of it,” he says. “That’s how I was trained and that’s what I still prefer to do. So, to do a sequel to a movie that I like the character, then it’s a great thing to do.” and has been volunteeri­ng in a domestic violence centre there that was started by his late mother-in-law. “It’s just this unbelievab­le town of people pitching in, always with an eye towards helping those most in need,” he says. “So, it feels like the best place to experience something that’s otherwise quite tragic.” Eisenberg’s new movie – an oddly menacing, sci-fi indie called seems eerily prescient, focusing as it does on a couple who become trapped in a house where nothing changes and with no contact to the outside world. He was initially attracted to the surreal elements that reminded him of some of the movies and subjects he loved while studying anthropolo­gy in New York but admits, a little reluctantl­y, that he also saw some parallels with the big life decisions such as marriage, home ownership and parenting made by adults – including him. “There’s no real safe answer here,” he says with a nervous laugh. “I am an overly analytical narcissist so in my own examinatio­n of myself I assume that like every other person on Earth, commitment­s that we make – even ones we are thrilled to make – carry with them some kind of unconsciou­s fear of them trapping us in some way. So, you marry the person of your dreams – but the unconsciou­s fear is that you’ll never have a romantic experience with someone else. Or you’ve been trying to have a child for years and you finally are gifted with this wonderful baby but of 4 Weapon) 14 5 MadAboutYo­u star (Paul and ––––––) Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul starred in this cop show ( –––––) Renovation show ( –––––) Played Lou Grant (–– Asner) Tina Fey’s character (Liz –––––) 6 theCity) 15 William Katt starred in this series about an unlikely superhero ( ––––) Love is better the second time around in this (–– Creepy comedy ( Vivarium Starsky& JAMES WIGNEY 9 11 12 TheGreates­tAmerican House J 18 TimeGoesBy) The 30Rock Vivarium – ESSE Eisenberg is in genuine shock. The Oscar-nominated American star of 19 –––––– 13 16 Family) SesameStre­et spinoff Matchmakin­g show ––––––––) Awkward questions answered here ( DoctorWho The Social Network, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Now You See Me 20 favourite (Oscar the ––––––) Comedy about a large family (––––– Oscar Madison and Felix Unger were The ––– Couple Played Lewis Crabb in (Gary –––––) Talent quest ( Played Blanche in (––– McClanahan) Lindsay Wagner starred in this The ( and is dealing with the seismic implicatio­ns of the coronaviru­s pandemic just like the rest of us, but is struggling to get his head around the conditions in Australia compared to his homeland. “It’s under 100 nationwide?” he says incredulou­sly on hearing the Australian COVID-19 death toll, adding that a close friend had just lost his father to the virus. “That is unbelievab­le. Oh my God. That is just amazing to me.” Eisenberg was in Los Angeles when the pandemic started to take hold but rather than head back to his New York base to self-isolate, he rented a campervan to drive his wife Anna Strout and their three-year- old son Banner back to their other house in her hometown of Bloomingto­n, Indiana. Not only did he understand­ably want to avoid what has become ground zero for the virus in the US, he also wanted to be able to do something useful for the close-knit community in the college town 17 22 isEnough) YouCan’t–––That) UglyBetty 23 19 20 21 star (––––––– Ferrera) Cartoon cop (Inspector ––––––) Robert Lindsay played a cop in this Royal family saga ( British period drama –––––) Women rule in this UK cop show (–– Super Nanny (–– Frost) 24 House Husbands 27 28 25 26 Australian TheGolden ––––) The –––––) Downton Girls ( Now You See Me 29 31 The––––––Woman) Offence) ( 30 32 Respected Aussie interviewe­r (–––––– Denton) Buddy Ebsen played this patriarch (––– Clampett) Played Mr Spock in (Leonard –––––) Betty White comedy (––– 32 BeverlyHil­lbillies 33 StarTrek 34 in Cleveland) VIVARIUM OUT NOW IN THE FOXTEL STORE VIDEO ON DEMAND 2405 14 Sunday, May 24, 2020 MHSE01Z01T­V - V1 PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R PressReade­ +1 604 278 4604 ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . 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