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MY iPhone is ba­si­cally my of­fice — it’s where I do busi­ness. In con­trast, we got a “burner” phone for my 60-some­thing farm­hand Archie — this is not where he does busi­ness. He of­ten shoots me blank text mes­sages, and when he does work out how to re­ply, it’s of­ten IN. FULL. CAPS. Now, un­less you’ve been labour­ing away in a pad­dock in Rom­sey, you’d know that last week Ap­ple had a big event. I du­ti­fully got up early and watched it, and in the process saw why Ap­ple is the most valu­able com­pany in the world (and on track to be­com­ing the first tril­lion-dol­lar com­pany — for ref­er­ence, the en­tire ASX 200 is val­ued at $1.3 tril­lion). It droned on for two bloody hours, though you wouldn’t know it by look­ing at the nerds in the crowd who were ab­so­lutely los­ing their Sam­sungs at all the new — and in­sanely ex­pen­sive — kit! Enough! How many more pix­els do you need ’til your life is com­plete? Does the sliver of ex­tra screen around the edges jus­tify an $1829 price tag for the top-of-the-line iPhone X?

Or maybe it’s that you can use Ap­ple’s (slightly creepy) face-scan­ning fea­ture to turn your­self into a poop emoji?

How­ever, there was one prod­uct that I think could be the next big thing: the lat­est Ap­ple Watch.

The new ver­sion has its own SIM card, which means you won’t even need to lug your iPhone around.

Hell, I’m think­ing of buy­ing one. I’m a big user of Ap­ple Pay, via my ING ac­count, and I like the idea of us­ing my watch for pur­chases, with­out my wal­let or phone (or shoes).

Even bet­ter, the watch takes calls, right on your wrist, just like Dick Tracy (ask your par­ents).

I’m think­ing about get­ting one for Archie. It’s even wa­ter­proof, which will help when it’s calv­ing sea­son.

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