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lenders is: 1) a sta­ble in­come that can com­fort­ably meet your pro­posed re­pay­ments; 2) a ver­i­fied sav­ings his­tory; and 3) a meaty de­posit (I rec­om­mend 20 per cent).

If your daugh­ter can tick those three boxes, she’ll get her loan. LINDA WRITES: I love your Q&A col­umn, but it’s very short­sighted to say “no one ever re­grets the kids they have”. I know many women who had chil­dren be­cause they felt they HAD to.

Hav­ing a child is one of the big­gest gam­bles a woman can make, so please don’t re­duce it to noth­ing just be­cause, as a man, you don’t have to risk your health, body, fu­ture earn­ings and ca­reer to do so.

I get that you are a fam­ily man, but please don’t go around spout­ing non­sense like this.

You’re smarter than that. BARE­FOOT REPLIES: The women who work for me (all mums) went crazy over your ques­tion — some for, some against.

I cer­tainly wasn’t sug­gest­ing that hav­ing chil­dren is “noth­ing”. (My wife is cur­rently in her third trimester, com­ing into a sweaty sum­mer, and our two young boys have worked out there’s an in­truder about to en­ter the house, so our life is any­thing but The Brady Bunch.)

All I said was “no one ever re­grets the kids they have … only the ones they don’t”. And I think the vast ma­jor­ity of par­ents would agree with that … well, even­tu­ally.

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