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HAV­ING sur­vived any num­ber of near-misses and mi­nor ac­ci­dents dur­ing his TV Gap Year ad­ven­tures, funny guy

hardly thought he was putting his body on the line in the re­boot of Talkin’ ’Bout Your Gen­er­a­tion.

“To be hon­est, I for­got just how phys­i­cal this show can be,” a slightly sore Lee said.

“We were lit­er­ally given a playground and no in­struc­tions.

“I cer­tainly had a bruised hip af­ter one episode — maybe I thought I was more Gen Z with my phys­i­cal abil­i­ties and then I re­alised maybe Gen Ys are just get­ting a bit older.”

Lee is cap­tain­ing the Gen Y team, with helm­ing the Gen Xers and

lead­ing Gen Z on the show, which is a cross be­tween a game show and quiz show with a bit of may­hem tossed in for good mea­sure by host

The se­ries kicks off next Mon­day on Chan­nel 9.

Lee said it was the chance to work with Mi­callef (above with Lee) that at­tracted him to the show.

“I am such a big fan of Mi­callef and I think he is in his sweet spot with this show,” Lee said.

“He has got a great bal­ance of stu­pid­ity that he brings to the screen and he takes no crap from any of the con­tes­tants.

“He rules the whole thing with an iron fist.”

Lee said he en­joyed be­ing part of the team, rather than in the host’s or pro­ducer’s chair in this in­stance. “It was a great, fun, ex­pe­ri­ence. It is like be­ing an un­cle as op­posed to a dad,” he said.

FOOTY great be­lieves he has emerged a bet­ter per­son from his m men­tal health bat­tle tri trig­gered by the Essendon sup sup­ple­ments saga.

H Hird, who un­der­went trea treat­ment in a psy­chi­atric faci fa­cil­ity last year af­ter reac reach­ing break­ing point, spo spoke about his dark days and find­ing the light again at a lunch with his pod­cast part part­ner at C Crown on Fri­day.

T The pair have teamed up with to crea cre­ate the in­sight­ful Crawf & H Hirdy pod­cast.

H Hird said he wanted to nor nor­malise de­pres­sion and enc en­cour­age dis­cus­sion about “wh “what can hap­pen in­side your head when it gets re­ally dark”.

“When you are truly down in the dark deep depths of de­pres­sion, it feels like there is no way out,” he said.

“You can­not see how you are go­ing to get out when you u spend two or three days in bed and you can’t move, when your brain just won’t let you out of that cy­cle.

“The rea­son why I feel very com­fort­able talk­ing about it is that it has hap­pened to me, I have come out the other side, I feel like I am a bet­ter per­son be­cause of it.”

Hird spent five weeks in a Mel­bourne clinic early last year.

“When you are in a psy­chi­atric fa­cil­ity with peo­ple that are crazy — not that I was — I ac­tu­ally said to the doc­tor, ‘But I am not meant to be here, I am not crazy’, and he said, ‘Well, you are at the mo­ment and that is why you are here’,” Hird said.

“It al­lowed my brain to get to a place where I could think about things again ... It was a tough time but I am re­ally glad I went in there and am even glad­der I am out.” Hird and Craw­ford’s pod­cast show show­cases the pair’s huge knowl­edge knowle of foot­ball, but also sees them share anec­dotes fro from their play­ing days. The lun lunch was the first that they have hav pre­sented as part of their pod­cast p ven­ture. Other top top­ics cov­ered included their Grand Fi­nal vic vic­to­ries, Brownl Brown­low Medal wins, and th their ex­pe­ri­ence traini train­ing un­der two of the A AFL’s great­est coa coaches in (Hird) an and (Cr (Craw­ford).

fash­ion fans ns with a pen­chant for bling can n pick up some fancy frocks straight t from glit­tery wardrobe. be. Liano (right) is hav­ing a ma­jor ajor wardrobe clean out and has listed isted 29 out­fits she wore dur­ing se­ries eries four of the Foxtel...

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