Bourke, Bar­rot, Clay set the mark

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AS much as Bourke-Bar­rot-Clay re­mains the mag­i­cal line of foot­ball, sta­tis­ti­cally they fall well short of Hawthorn’s Scott-Tuck-Matthews tri­fecta. Sur­pris­ingly, Rich­mond cen­tremen

FRAN­CIS BOURKE, BILL BAR­ROT and DICK CLAY only lined up 29 times to­gether, a long way short of DON

SCOTT, MICHAEL TUCK and LEIGH MATTHEWS from 1975-81. For this year’s Grand Fi­nal edi­tion of the AFL Record, ASH­LEY BROWNE speaks to Scott, Tuck and Matthews about their time to­gether in an era that pro­duced the 1976 and 1978 VFL pre­mier­ships, a time when there was lit­tle plan­ning in the way of strate­gies, ac­cord­ing to Matthews.

“We joked the other day when we caught up for the AFL Record pic­ture about how lit­tle pre-plan­ning we did,” he said.

“In fact we did none other than look­ing at the team board where Scotty was the ruck­man, Tucky was the ruck rover and I was the rover. We just went and played be­cause that’s the way footy was played.

“I used to mainly stand be­hind ‘Scotty’ so I wasn’t part of his hit zone, al­though he was more about hit­ting the ball for­ward rather than a palmer like

JOHN NI­CHOLLS or ‘POLLY’ FARMER. “By 1978, TERRY WAL­LACE, who was a very good player, had come into that group as cen­tre­man.” The Scott-Tuck-Matthews line prompted the ques­tion as to what other great lines we’ve seen since Bourke-Bar­rot-Clay came to­gether in 1967.


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