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Place a re­sis­tance band around a pole at chest height. With arms out­stretched in front of you, stand tall and brace your abs. Pull the band with one hand un­til it reaches a point be­side your chest. As you pull, make sure your el­bows stay at shoul­der level. Don’t hunch your shoul­der or lean back against the band to as­sist the move­ment. Slowly re­lease back to the start­ing point and start your next rep on the other arm. Once again, ro­tat­ing your torso as you pull will work your whole body.

3 sets of

24 to 30.

If you can’t run due to knee pain, car­dio op­tions are limited. Boxing is a great al­ter­na­tive. First, con­cen­trate on mas­ter­ing the tech­nique: you’ll gain the most ben­e­fit if you can punch safely with a de­gree of power. Main­tain a strong wrist as you make con­tact and hit at al­most ful­lel­bow ex­ten­sion. Make sure you stay dy­namic through your hips as you punch. This al­lows you to make your punch a more ef­fec­tive whole-body move­ment.

Hold a bar­bell, or an equiv­a­lent weight, in both hands, palms fac­ing for­ward. Stand tall, feet hip-width apart. Brace your abs and bend for­ward at the hips, low­er­ing the weight down your thighs to about half­way down your shins. Keep your back straight by keep­ing your gaze for­ward, your spine long and stick­ing your but­tocks out. Pause at the low­est point and then start to rise. Just be­fore you reach up­right, start a bi­ceps curl by bend­ing your el­bows and fin­ish with the weight just be­low your chin. Straighten your arms again and start the next dead lift.

3 sets of 8 to 15.

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