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“I had a dif­fi­cult child­hood, which re­sulted in a neg­a­tive body im­age. As a teen, I would go for days starv­ing my­self, and when I fi­nally ate, it was con­ve­nience foods, so my body stored the fat.

“I took an­tide­pres­sants from the age of 21. My hus­band Paul, 35, and I have three kids, An­thony, 19, Cur­tis, 13, and Shay­lyn, 9. Cur­tis has bor­der­line autism and ADHD, so for years I took him to speech ther­apy and physio. I put my fam­ily’s needs be­fore my own.

“I felt fat and worth­less. I took the kids to school and then I sat in­side all day and some­times cried. I be­came a vir­tual recluse. I had suf­fered from de­pres­sion my whole life, but by the end of last year I was at my low­est point.

“Then in Jan­uary this year I saw an ad­vert for a weight-loss pro­gram called Bodytrim. I bought some scales, or­dered the DVD and fol­lowed it re­li­giously. Within weeks I saw re­sults.

“It was like I was be­ing set free. I woke up with en­ergy. My kids were thrilled when I be­gan to kick a foot­ball with them. I now weigh 59.8 ki­los, but the best part is my change of mind­set. I’m off an­tide­pres­sants for the first time in my adult life and I feel amaz­ing. It is cer­tainly fair to say that my weight loss saved my life. I used to think my life was over, now I know it’s just be­gin­ning.”

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