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Damien is a qual­i­fied ex­er­cise sci­en­tist. For ques­tions, visit If you’d like to train with Damien and his team at his Syd­ney Fit­ness Stu­dio, call (02) 8086 2483.

Moni wears Slazenger top, $39.95, and shorts, $49.95, (03) 9835 5700; Sau­cony shoes, $259.95, (03) 8878 3000. Run or walk for 200m to 400m, per­form one set of each ex­er­cise and then 50 to 100 skips. Do three to six rounds of this. It’s sum­mer, so...

We have used tra­di­tional weights but feel free to use al­ter­na­tives such as bot­tles, bags or any­thing you can get your hands on. MO NI isan ROY inst aero DS, ruc bics 35, tor dan She from ce also Syd enjo ney . Pila ys tes.

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