A strong, sexy stom­ach will be yours with a rou­tine that gets re­sults

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Aflat stom­ach is the holy grail of fit­ness. It’s so sought af­ter partly be­cause it looks so good and also be­cause it’s so hard to achieve. To drop the amount of ab­dom­i­nal fat needed to ex­pose your abs is the first and hard­est step, but then you need an abs rou­tine that ac­tu­ally tones. The

Leg up twists

Why? Twists tar­get the obliques and core. How? Sit tall on the ground, hold­ing a medicine ball. Brace your core and lean back about 20 de­grees. Lift your feet a few cen­time­tres off the ground, knees bent. Twist your chest to one side and touch the ball lightly to the ground. Twist back to the start and, with­out stop­ping, twist to the other side and touch the ball lightly to the ground. You should not feel any back pain. Sets and reps: 3 sets of 20-30. work­outs we show­case each week in body+soul will help you lose the fat, but the ton­ing part is what we are cov­er­ing to­day. These ex­er­cises are rel­a­tively ad­vanced so you’ll need to do a few weeks of reg­u­lar ab­dom­i­nal train­ing first, but once you’re ready, these are the moves that re­ally get re­sults.

Weighted sit-ups

Sets and reps:

If your abs tire, your back takes over, so do these ex­er­cises care­fully. If you have pain, mod­ify your

tech­nique. your arms. You need to drop your hips for­ward and down to work your core prop­erly. The closer your pelvis gets to the ground, the bet­ter, but only go as low as you can con­trol. The slight­est hint of back pain sug­gests you’ve gone too far. Roll back to the start and go into the next rep. Sets and reps: 3 sets of 5-15.


Why? How? Sets and reps: Why? How?


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