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This looks like a strange 1960s sex toy, with a phal­lus-shaped sil­i­con sheath at­tached via a plas­tic tube to an in­di­ca­tor gauge. Cost: $125.95. How it works: The sheath is like a sen­sor that feeds in­for­ma­tion about your squeeze tech­nique back to the gauge, which pro­vides a read­ing from 0 to 12. The bet­ter the squeeze, the higher the read­ing.

As mus­cle tone im­proves: You move on to daily Kegels and use this to check how you’re go­ing ev­ery week or ev­ery month.

How it felt: It was easy to get in place, didn’t feel un­com­fort­able and I could in­stantly see my score. This mo­ti­vated me to im­prove my per­sonal best from seven to 10 within a week. Most im­por­tantly, I learned how to bet­ter hold that full squeeze for the whole 10-sec­ond count.

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