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This com­pact features two hard, white cones – one slim, one wider – both with a syn­thetic string at the bot­tom for re­moval. They un­screw in half so you can in­sert one of four dif­fer­ent weights ( 5g, 10g and two 20g). Cost: $ 52. How it works: Start­ing with the wider cone and low­est weight, you in­sert the cone into your vag­ina and wear it for up to 20 min­utes a day or longer. It re­lies on grav­ity, which forces you to grip the cone to hold it in place.

As mus­cle tone im­proves: In­crease the weight un­til you can hold all four in the smaller cone.

How it felt: The smaller cone with one weight was easy to hold in place, so I got overly con­fi­dent and tried all the weights at once. Big mis­take. I set­tled on a 15g weight, which I’m now work­ing on in­creas­ing. Best of all, I can use it while do­ing my daily tasks.

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