The good old Swiss ball can still give your abs one hell of a work­out. Get a sexy stom­ach with th­ese tummy-tight­en­ing moves

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Cross-over sit-ups

Seated bal­ances

Why? Tight­en­ing your tum means tight­en­ing the mus­cles around your mid­sec­tion. Once you can sit un­sup­ported on the ball your stom­ach will get tighter. How? Sit on a Swiss ball. Sit up straight by lift­ing your ster­num away from your belly­but­ton. Have your feet flat and your thighs tilt­ing down slightly to­wards your knees. Main­tain­ing your pos­ture and keep­ing your hips sta­ble, en­gage your core and raise one foot off the ground. Hold with con­trol for a few sec­onds, place your foot down softly, then switch legs. When you get the hang of this, try sit­ting on the ball with both feet off the ground (pic­tured). Sets and reps: 3-5 sets of balancing for 30 sec­onds.

Roll­aways (with hold)

Why? While the cross-over sit-ups (left) flex your abs and give them def­i­ni­tion, th­ese are all about pos­ture and give your abs shape. How? Kneel about 60cm be­hind a Swiss ball. Place both hands on the ball, palms to­gether. Lean for­ward

on the ball, rest­ing

For best re­sults com­bine to­day’s five moves in a cir­cuit. Do a set of each, one af­ter the other. Once you’ve done one full round, have a sip of water, then go again. Do 3-5 rounds

in to­tal. on your hands and fore­arms. Brace your abs and roll the ball for­ward by ex­tend­ing your arms and mov­ing your hips for­ward and down. Go as far as you can while still main­tain­ing a strong, straight pos­ture. Once you feel you’ve reached your limit, pause for a few sec­onds, ex­hale fully, then re­turn to the start­ing po­si­tion. Move straight into your next rep. You should not feel any back pain dur­ing this ex­er­cise. Sets and reps: 3-5 sets of 10-15.

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