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There’s a good rea­son why “or­gan­i­sa­tion ex­pert” is now a valid ca­reer op­tion. As our lives be­come more com­pli­cated, in­creas­ing num­bers of peo­ple are seek­ing help in par­ing back. Lindsay Faber has helped many Aus­tralians sim­plify their sur­round­ings. One in, one out: This is Faber’s un­break­able rule. If you can’t de­cide what item will be dis­carded, abort the pur­chase. “Our phys­i­cal spa­ces re­flect our in­ner re­al­ity, so we are bet­ter off with fewer things that we love, rather than many pieces that we have no re­la­tion­ship with,” she says. Faber ad­vises peo­ple to be harshly prac­ti­cal. Ask your­self where you will store this new thing and whether it helps you ful­fil your vi­sion for your home and life. Keep sur­faces clear: This helps clear minds and en­sures the items you have on dis­play de­serve their hon­oured place, Faber says. In prac­ti­cal terms, it means mak­ing your bed in the morn­ing, do­ing the dishes at night be­fore bed, putting laun­dry in the bas­ket as you take your clothes off and hang­ing up tow­els. “Get the kids in­volved,” Faber says. “By teach­ing them th­ese habits you cre­ate or­gan­ised kids who un­der­stand the prin­ci­ples of or­der.” Get, use, dis­card: Buy what you use and use what you buy. Have a strat­egy for what you bring into your home. For ex­am­ple, draw up meal plans and only buy what is on that list. “This saves you time, money and the stress of a fridge full of rot­ting food,” Faber says. Don’t be an emo­tional hoarder: Of course sen­ti­men­tal­ity is lovely, but do you have to keep ev­ery scrib­ble by your adored prog­eny? Dis­til your mem­o­ries down to one trea­sured me­mento and keep it in a me­mory box or on dis­play. We use 20 per cent of what we own 80 per cent of the time – the rest is just clut­ter. You don’t have to be a min­i­mal­ist: Some peo­ple pre­fer to live in homes filled with trea­sures. “The point is to have a vi­sion, iden­tify what you love most, iden­tify its pur­pose and use what you have,” Faber says.

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