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Mar 21 - Apr 20 Sex and money are tough topics for you this week. You know you need to sort things out in one or both of th­ese ar­eas and if you put in the ef­fort, you will get there. How­ever, this week some­thing more than just good old­fash­ioned ef­fort is re­quired. You also need to love your­self more. It’s a strange but true fact. Love your­self and the sex and money will fol­low. To find out more call 1900 999 888. Apr 21 - May 21 You’re like a di­a­mond be­ing pol­ished un­der high pres­sure ( aka Saturn) right now. Yes, it’s a chal­leng­ing time and you have many lessons to learn. Dis­cov­er­ing how to do things when the time is right is an­other ma­jor chal­lenge for you now. If some­one is pres­sur­ing you this week, show them how strong you are by not re­act­ing in a knee-jerk way. To find out more call 1900 999 888. May 22 - Jun 22 Your daily life is a bit of a grind at the moment, but try not to re­sent this state of play. Rather, learn how to pri­ori­tise and get into the habit of mak­ing lists. Both of th­ese lit­tle tricks will make a world of dif­fer­ence to you. Your cur­rent daily cy­cle will be­come a lot eas­ier as soon as you show the uni­verse you know how to sched­ule things in and how to stick to that sched­ule. To find out more call 1900 999 888. Jun 23 - Jul 23 If there are is­sues con­nected to a child, a ro­mance or a cre­ative project you’re work­ing on, stay calm. A lot is be­ing asked of you and for a very good rea­son: you have a lot to learn in th­ese parts of your life and Saturn is cur­rently shov­ing those lessons up your nose in a most un­cer­e­mo­ni­ous man­ner! How­ever, in the long run, you’ll be glad you learnt how to deal with th­ese is­sues. To find out more call 1900 999 888. Jul 24 - Aug 23 The sooner you ac­cept you need to get your per­sonal life into a more or­gan­ised and dis­ci­plined rou­tine, the sooner it is go­ing to be­come less de­mand­ing. Ac­tu­ally, you now have a chance to fi­nally get your home life tick­ing over like a well-oiled ma­chine. How­ever, if you choose to ig­nore this and per­sist in al­low­ing chaos to reign, things are not go­ing to get any eas­ier. To find out more call 1900 999 888. Aug 24 - Sep 23 Your cur­rent cy­cle is all about learn­ing how to think in a mea­sured way – pos­i­tively, yet re­al­is­ti­cally. Re­mem­ber, thoughts be­come things, so you can’t af­ford to fo­cus on your fears and doubts. Rather, you need to look at how well you are do­ing in terms of your cur­rent list of goals. Be happy with how far you have come, even as you plot to achieve more. To find out more call 1900 999 888.

Phone Aus­tralia: Calls cost $3.96 per minute (inc GST). Mo­biles ex­tra. Sep 24 - Oct 23 How would you feel if I said to you, “Oh, you love your­self!” Would that seem like a child­ish taunt? When I was lit­tle, it was one of the things we would say to some­one to in­sult them and ac­cuse them of be­ing con­ceited. But ac­tu­ally, if you can learn to love your­self now, the rest of your life will pretty much fall into place, es­pe­cially mat­ters re­lated to ro­mance and money. To find out more call 1900 999 888. Oct 24 - Nov 22 This might not be the eas­i­est week of the year for you, but it’s one where you can learn a great deal. If there are is­sues re­lated to a VIP in your life (es­pe­cially a lover or ex), try your hard­est to get things sorted out now rather than al­low­ing them to fester. Also, if you sense a re­la­tion­ship has run its course, be hon­est. You need to find the mid­dle ground be­tween tact and hon­esty. To find out more call 1900 999 888. Nov 23 - Dec 21 If you al­low your fears to get the bet­ter of you, then frankly, you are miss­ing out. Whether you’re wor­ried about the way you’re liv­ing your life, your health or you are just wor­ried about any­thing and ev­ery­thing, your big­gest chal­lenge is to stop. Wor­ry­ing only at­tracts to you the very thing you’re wor­ry­ing about, since what we fo­cus our thoughts on is what we get. To find out more call 1900 999 888.

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