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We are now in the weeks be­tween the eclipses, so it’s a chance to draw breath. This can be a very stress­ful pe­riod for peo­ple as eclipses are times of change.

Think of a time in your life when you wanted things to stay the same but were swept up by life-chang­ing events. That’s the en­ergy that is hit­ting many peo­ple now.

This week is good for get­ting some down­time as you con­tem­plate your next move. If you were a field, you would be ly­ing fal­low be­fore the next sea­son’s plant­ing (which hap­pens next week).

So take some time out. Get off the tread­mill for a bit and con­tem­plate. Think about the past and what you want for your fu­ture.

This week will be trick­i­est for those ar­gu­ing with some­one in author­ity. The Sun and Mars are clash­ing with Saturn. That’s like ar­gu­ing with the head­mas­ter or any­one you shouldn’t ar­gue with, un­less you have the facts on your side.

The week will be eas­i­est for those who med­i­tate, do yoga, talk to their an­gels or gen­er­ally know how to tune into the cos­mos. This is thanks to a Mer­cury-Nep­tune link, which is dreamy, ro­man­tic and a bit mys­ti­cal.

You can try mak­ing a vi­sion board with pic­tures of things you want. It’s a great tool for man­i­fest­ing your dreams. bodyand­soul.com.au Got a ques­tion for Yas­min Boland? Send your query to bodyand­soul.com. au/ask­our­ex­perts

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