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I only got on a bike for the first time since my ac­ci­dent in De­cem­ber. I wasn’t even sure I could still do it but... Well, it was like rid­ing a bike – you never for­get.

My hands are the big­gest prob­lem in cy­cling. Af­ter the fire I had all the fin­gers on my right hand am­pu­tated and have just three, which are fused to­gether, on my left. I can’t open a jar, fas­ten but­tons, write a let­ter, flip some­one the bird... That makes it hard to hold onto my han­dle­bars. The first time we cy­cled over cor­ru­ga­tions, I fell off. Michael was like, “Come on, Turia – pull it to­gether, stay on your bike.”

And I was say­ing, “Lis­ten, mate. You’ve got 10 fin­gers, I’ve only got three. Chill out a bit.” When we go over bumps now it’s a bit scary so I go slower.

I also have to con­sider the fact that one of the skin’s ma­jor func­tions is to reg­u­late your body tem­per­a­ture, but be­cause of the burns, 65 per cent of my skin doesn’t have that func­tion any more. When I heat up it takes ages to cool down and when I get cold it takes ages to heat up.

That’s some­thing I’ll never get back but I’m lucky that the ma­jor parts of the body

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