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Hips, glutes, quads and core. Hold­ing onto the side of a chair, hinge for­wards at the hips to a flat-back k po­si­tion, arms by your sides. Bend your left knee as you lift your right leg be­hind you, keep­ing hips square and core en­gaged (im­age A). To do the heel el lift, bend your raised knee slightly and pulse that heel up and down. Af­ter a full ull set, go straight into a set of ham­string curls (im­age B): To do th­ese, bend your r raised leg to 90 de­grees, then straighten en and re­peat. For ad­vanced, keep the sup­port­ing heel raised through­out.

15-20 lifts and curls, each leg. g.

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